Scott Walker Forms ‘Testing the Waters’ Fundraising Committee Ahead of White House Run

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has officially taken another step towards launching his candidacy for president Thursday morning by announcing his new “testing the waters” committee that aims to bulk up Walker’s fundraising abilities as he prepares for a mid-July campaign launch.

“Americans want to hear more about what worked in Wisconsin and how Walker’s reforms can work across the country,” Rick Wiley, an advisor to Walker, said in statement to The Associated Press. “In the past several months many have urged him to run for president, and he has decided to take a serious look at running.”

In April, several of Walker’s senior aides formed the super PAC ironically titled “Unintimidated PAC” to back the Wisconsin governors potential White House bid. While Walker isn’t officially allowed to have anything to do with the super PAC due to Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules, the new committee formed by the governor on Thursday will allow him to have direct control over how the money is spent. Gov. Walker is among the last round of Republicans who are expected to join the crowded Republican field later this summer.

While some were eager to throw their hat in the ring, Walker has taken his time to consider the decision and isn’t expected to officially join the race until after the Wisconsin state legislature passes a budget in early July.

With Fox News’ decision to only include the ten candidates polling highest in their first Republican primary debate on August 6, many of the presidential hopefuls are campaigning like crazy across the country in an attempt to lift their poll numbers and make an appearance in the debate.

Fortunately for Walker, this isn’t an issue. Although the governor hasn’t formally entered the race, Walker typically polls in the top three to five, and is currently in second place behind Jeb Bush in Real Clear Politics average of all recent polling.

As Walker takes a step closer to announcing his bid for the White House, other GOP hopefuls are on hot on his trail. Next week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is expected to launch his campaign. Likewise, Ohio Governor John Kasich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are likely to join the Republican field in July.


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