Everyone Has the Right to Marry

Yes, I believe that everyone has the right to marry. I believe that marriage is a union in which anyone can participate. I would even advocate so that everyone have the right to marry. However, the stipulation to this is that the definition of marriage must not be changed.

Emotion is the best way to change people’s minds in modern society. Tylenol just came out with an ad about family. There were pictures of actors joining together from the same sex to portray the idea that anyone can be a family. While I love the effort, an ad that tugs at people’s heart strings doesn’t change the absolute truth.

I could make an ad that has some slow piano music in the background, peacefully playing a beautiful version of the wedding march. I could have a sweet little eight year-old in a wedding gown glowing with excitement that today,she would marry the person she loves.

I could have her say a quote I recently read. “Marriage is not about religion. Atheists marry. Marriage is not about procreation. The infertile marry. Marriage is not about finance. It can weave poverty. Marriage is about love. And that’s beautiful.”

Then, the eight year-old walks down the aisle. There is a 50 year-old man in a suit at the altar. The man loves the girl, and the girl the man. Marriage is solely about love, so this should be completely fine, right?

No! Marriage is more than about love. Love is woven into the fabric of the precedence of it, but it is not about love. The definition of marriage did not just pop out of thin air. The reason for marriage throughout the world comes from a moral fabric. Can a woman marry her brother if they are completely in love? If the definition of marriage is solely love, then go ahead! But this is not what marriage is.

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Even within that, there are further moral stipulations. There are laws against things like incest and children marrying adults. Guess where morals come from?! You got it. The Bible!

You see, the government does not have feelings. The government makes laws based on order and morals. If there is no moral compass to guide the laws concerning the definition of marriage, then marriage itself has already been destroyed.

Pray for those who are suffering, but also remember to not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Just because someone believes the grass is purple, it does not make the grass purple. Likewise, just because someone believes that homosexuality is not a sin, that does not make it any less a sin.

The government’s main purpose is to promote good and punish bad, to be just. The government should never promote a sin, and it doesn’t matter if you think it’s a sin or if I think it’s a sin. Right and wrong were not set by me. Right and wrong were not set by man, nor were they set by the government. Right and wrong were set by the Creator of this universe. Even if man-made laws deem sin otherwise, the law of the Lord trumps any law of the land.

Everyone has the right to marry, but no one can change the absolute truth; no one has the right to change the God-ordained definition of marriage.