Fairfield, Ohio Police Are Not Racist

There have been several incidents as of late in which cops have been accused of “excessive use of force, and of course, racism. The first incident took place at a poll party in McKinney, Texas. The officer resigned amidst allegation of excessive of force and racism.

Last week, police in Fairfield, Ohio, were involved in a similar incident which took place at a public pool.

The Blaze reports:

A fight reportedly broke out at the Fairfield Aquatic Center last week after staff told Krystal Dixon, 33, that her children would have to leave because they weren’t wearing proper swim attire. Signs reportedly posted at the pool state swimmers must have appropriate swimwear.

Police said Dixon ‘aggressively confronted pool staff’ and a physical confrontation ensued. When a park ranger with the city was apparently unable to break up the fight, the official called police.

When officers arrived on scene, Dixon allegedly shoved an officer and was still refusing to leave, so she was arrested. Police said the mother also told a juvenile to ‘get a Taser from her purse’ during the confrontation.

The police report also alleges that another female suspect, Maya Dixon, 34, proceeded to strike and officer and was joined by several of the juveniles present during the incident. Several people are clearly seen on video actively resisting arrest, but the moment leading up to the chaos are not shown.

First, Dixon could have easily avoided this confrontation with the police in a number of ways: 1) by compelling her children to comply with the rules of the facility; 2) not acting “aggressively” towards pool staff; 3) complying with the park ranger who was initially called to break up the fight.

Dixon was asking for trouble by not complying with the rules of the facility. If she didn’t want to make her children wear proper attire she should have gone somewhere else. She had another opportunity to avoid confrontation with the police when the park ranger was called in to break up the fight. Again, Dixon refused to comply with the ranger.

Dixon allegedly shoved an officer. That is not only resisting arrest, but it is assaulting an officer. Both of those are big “no-no’s” if you will. Allegedly she also instructed one of her children to get a taser from her purse. Clearly she intended to use the taser on the police. You can’t use a taser on a cop. Well you can, but it doesn’t end well for you. Same goes for shoving a cop or resisting arrest.

Of course, Dixon and others are playing the race card, and there is no evidence that the cops responded differently than they otherwise would have, had Dixon and her family been white. If I’m a cop, and you shove me or resist arrest, I don’t care if you are black, white, or purple–it isn’t going to end well for you.

Dixon is also setting a bad example for her children. She should be teaching them to respect cops, not fear them or fight them. Don’t assume the cops are out to get you, but if you’re shoving them, you’re asking for it.