Hillary Clinton Goes on End-of-Quarter Fundraising Spree

In a mad dash for cash, Hillary Clinton is going on a fundraising spree over the course of next two weeks in an attempt to rake in as much as possible before the June 30 end to the first quarter of fundraising for the 2016 presidential election.

According to her public schedule, the former Secretary of State will host a total of 26 fundraising events across the country between June 22 and July 3– eleven of which will be held in New York. Clinton’s packed schedule includes a range from one to three fundraisers per day.

The events scheduled over the few weeks are slated to cater to a variety of Clinton supporters. Campaign fundraisers held in New York at the end of the month range from $45 meet-and-greets at Terminal 5 to a $2,700 night at the Plaza Hotel with Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga.

Clinton is pulling out the big guns for many of these events. Singer Jon Bon Jovi, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, former U.S. ambassador to Uruguay Julissa Reynoso, and others are among those hosting fundraising events for Clinton.

Shortly after originally announcing her candidacy back in April, it was revealed that Clinton’s camp set a lofty goal of raising up to $2.5 billion– more than President Obama and Mitt Romney spent in 2012 combined. For the Democratic primary, however, Clinton’s campaign has set a goal of $100 million which may be raised as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders becomes an increasing threat to Clinton easily nabbing the nomination.

Priorities Action USA, the super PAC which backed President Obama in 2012 and plans to support Hillary Clinton in 2016, has recently received criticism after a slow start to fundraising efforts. The New York Times recently reported that the super PAC is expected to have raised a mere $15 million by the June 30 end to the first quarter. Right to Rise USA, the super PAC backing Clinton’s Republican rival Jeb Bush, is expected to have raised upwards of $100 million in the first quarter of the Republican primary.

Although the final talley of Clinton’s first-quarter fundraising capabilities won’t be available until the FEC discloses all of the 2016 candidates filings on July 15, some on the left are concerned about Clinton ability to combat the deep pockets associated with many on the right. With her end-of-the-quarter fundraising sprint, it appears Clinton may be worried as well.


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