TV Celebrity and Businessman Rick Harrison Endorses Marco Rubio

Rick Harrison, a Las Vegas businessman and star of History Channel’s hit reality TV series Pawn Stars, has decided to endorse U.S. Senator Marco Rubio for president. On Wednesday, the Rubio campaign released a video highlighting the endorsement.

Pawn Stars has been one of the most popular reality shows on cable. In 2011, the series peaked at 7 million viewers, making it History Channel’s number one telecast of all-time. That year, only Jersey Shore had higher cable TV ratings.

The reality show is based on Harrison’s real-life company, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which he and his father founded in 1989.

“I was a businessman for a long time before I was a celebrity,” Harrison explained to Forbes, “and to succeed for over 20 years, as I have, you have to be innovative and have a lot of perseverance. When times got tough, you have to lay people off and work two or even three shifts straight, sometimes spending 24 hours at the shop. When you’re the boss you have no one else to turn to.”

Harrison argued that he was looking for a conservative to improve social mobility and reduce poverty. He endorsed Marco Rubio because he is the best public speaker and has the superior ability to inspire Americans to work hard in order to move up the economic ladder.

“The number one thing in this world that has brought people out of poverty is the ease of doing business,” the small business owner told Sean Hannity. “And it’s getting harder, and harder and harder. I mean, you basically have the Democrats out there saying I should pay more and more taxes on the profits I make.”



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