Putting it into Perspective

In the past few weeks, multiple churches in the south have been set on fire. Just the other day, ISIS threw people off of a roof to their deaths because they were gay. It is a tragedy to see the happenings of this world in the recent weeks. The human race has proven over and over again that this world is crumbling beneath our feet in the wake of a sin-filled world.

But, even as tragedy is happening–a fire burning down a church, people associating themselves with the KKK and planning a rally, increased warnings about possible massive terrorists attacks this coming weekend–I sit and ponder in bewilderment.

The trivial things in life seem to fade. I’m not just talking about not knowing what to wear the next day or being worried about meeting a work deadline. I’m talking about the trivial name-calling and debates. You know what I mean. The stupid debates where people stand up for their beliefs and are called out as haters by the other side and the social media statuses where people misconstrue the Bible in order to rationalize a politically correct stance, where people are called bigots, racists, homophobes, sexists, and basically anti-everything.

While debates are needed and pertinent to continue to talk about the issues facing our nation, these name-callings are indeed trivial when you take a step back. There are real racists that live to hate, and there are real people who live to destroy others’ lives. They are the ones that embody the true definitions of the words. Using them so nonchalantly demotes the meaning of these words.

The stupidity of what people call micro-aggression is the most agonizingly painful way to say that no one can speak because everything is offensive and everything that is offensive must be banned. I understand that there is true hate in this world. That is why I am writing this article – to point out that there is a difference between hate and self-pity – a difference between blunt rudeness and blunt truth.

Stop blaming the world on every little thing that you think might have the potential of being rude! The world is a messed-up place. You can still be offended, and sometimes you’ll have to be. The truth is offensive! The Gospel is offensive! But it doesn’t mean the truth isn’t any less true or that love is not any less love.

The Gospel tells you that you are messed-up, that I am messed-up, and that we can’t fix anything on our own. It stinks, it might sting, but it’s true. You can’t do anything productive in life by yourself. You cannot go to Heaven just by being a good person. You need a Savior. You need God. The love part of the gospel is that God is here for you. Even though the truth of the matter is that we all deserve death, God sent his son to die for us, so that we can live for Him in love, sharing His love with others.

So yeah, you can get upset when people are offending you by saying something that you find to be intolerant. But remember, the people on your Facebook feed, while they are annoying you, are probably not the ones that are actually being active racists and bigots who are acting out of evil. Seeing someone speak the truth, while it might offend you, is not the same as throwing people off of buildings or burning down churches.

The truth can be offensive, but sometimes the truth is purely in love.



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