A New Declaration of Independence: Mark Levin’s List of Grievances Against President Obama

I had the privilege of attending CPAC this past February and got to see many public figures and presidential candidates give inspiring speeches, but one stood apart from the rest.

Mark Levin, who is a veteran of the Reagan administration, constitutional expert, conservative thinker, and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, employed both his eloquence and passion while borrowing from the Declaration of Independence to list America’s grievances against President Obama.

“Six months before the Battle of Trenton, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which stated in part a list of grievances against the king,” Levin began.

“So let me today submit, to a candid world, a short list of repeated injuries and usurpations committed by this President, the would-be king, Barack Obama.”

The speech is a must-watch, but if you don’t have time to view the entire thing on this Independence Day, I have transcribed his list below. “To a candid world,” in the style of the Declaration of Independence and the grievances against King George III of Britain:

“Mr. President, you may have a pen and a phone, but we have the Constitution of the United States. We own that Constitution, we own this country, and you do not have any legitimate authority to fundamentally transform that which does not belong to you.

“Mr. Obama, you have violated the separation of powers, which is the core to our constitutional system, to empower yourself and impose your radical agenda by fiat and regulation in defiance of free elections and against the will of the people.

“You have seized unto yourself legislative power granted to Congress alone by ignoring laws, rewriting laws, and making laws, and then boasting about your usurpations.

“You have unilaterally appropriated monies to fund your radical agenda in violation of Congress’s power of the purse.

“You have contravened Congress’s authority over immigration and naturalization, eviscerating existing immigration laws and American sovereignty, endangering the well-being of the American people in the pursuit of self-serving political agendas.

“You repeatedly defied the Senate’s confirmation power over your appointments, requiring intervention by the Supreme Court to stop you.

“In coordination with the previous Senate Majority Leader, you have poisoned the independence of the judiciary by appointing scores of radical activists to lifetime judicial appointments at the district and circuit court levels to ensure your unconstitutional actions are everlasting.

“You have repeatedly evaded the Senate’s role in the adoption of treaties, which require 2/3 approval, by refusing to submit such arrangements for consideration, calling them executive agreements.

“You have showed nothing but contempt for the Bill of Rights, including the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments.

“You have showed nothing but contempt for private property and free market capitalism, evidenced by your nationalizing of the internet, banks, and the student loan industry without any constitutional authority.

“You have nationalized and destroyed the greatest health care system on the face of the earth to the great detriment of tens of millions of American citizens.

“You have recklessly destroyed the fiscal well-being of this nation with wild spending schemes, driving up the operating debt to $18.5 trillion and unfunded liabilities to over $100 trillion, thereby threatening the liberty and prosperity of future generations and the survivability of this country.

“You have directed federal departments and agencies such as the EPA to unleash thousands of regulations, which you concealed until after your election and have driven millions of Americans out of work and shuttered thousands of businesses.

“You have pursued economic policies that have driven the median income of Americans down, forcing millions of people onto food stamps, Medicaid, and disability insurance.

“You have used the office of the presidency, in language and action, in order to divide and balkanize the American people on race, gender, age, and income to excite jealousies, animosities, and hatred for political advantage.

“You have showed contempt in pursuit of policies that undermine our military personnel and readiness and the security of this nation.

“You have failed to take the necessary and effective steps to confront Islamic-Nazism and increasingly belligerent regimes in communist China and fascist Russia. You have undermined our ally Israel while appeasing our enemy in Iran.”

Levin went on to echo President Reagan and his call for a “New Republican Party.”

“We have voted and voted for change, to change him, to change what’s going on in Washington. Unlike our Founders, who had no alternatives, we do. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say the hour is late, and the republic is slipping away.

“In the face of this tyranny, is it too much to ask the Republican party to defend us, to defend the Constitution and the republic?

“Is it too much to ask the Republican party to embrace conservatism, Reaganism, capitalism, and constitutionalism? To reject crony capitalists and the statist media? To offer a real alternative to big, centralized, iron-fisted government?

“It’s time to remove the old bulls and bring in the patriots. It’s time for the Republican party to reinvent itself. It’s time for a new Republican party.

“My generation owes you the chance to elect a conservative as President and begin the long road back to republicanism and liberty.”

In addition to electing conservatives and lovers of liberty to Congress and the presidency, Levin has backed a plan for the states to call an Article V convention in order to restore federalism and liberty in America.


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