Hillary (finally) Answers Questions

At a town hall meeting in Dover, New Hampshire, Hillary actually answered questions. Not well, but she answered them nonetheless.

On the Iran deal:

“The final agreement… basically does put a lid for a time period on the Iranian program.” The people against it have a “respectable argument”, but what are our alternatives right now that could have gotten that lid put on?

One of her more notable quotes included her reminding the audience that, “this is not the time of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan said trust, but verify, here I say, don’t trust and verify.” So basically she is saying that because we can’t trust Iran, we should just verify that notion by giving them the ability to make a nuclear weapon. No biggie.

She also said she’s hoping that we move forward with this agreement with our eyes wide open so that we can tackle the other threats Iran poses. “I would rather deal with their bad behavior once we have dealt with their arms program… I believe that when it comes to protecting our friends… this gives us a better chance than a lesser chance.” She also mentioned that If we get to 20 years without the plan blowing up, we can be much more forceful in putting an “umbrella of security around Iran.”

So basically, she said that we can’t trust Iran and there’s a good possibility that this deal will blow up in our faces, but she supports to deal because she has no better ideas. Also, the other stuff Iran does like affiliations with terrorism, holding Americans hostage, etc,. is just “bad behavior”.

On climate change:

After being disappointed in one of Hillary’s previous answers because it wasn’t an extreme take on climate change, a young millennial stood up and asked if Hillary didn’t think that climate change was important because there were fossil fuel links with her campaign. After and awkwardly stating, “no”, the millennial seemed to get up in arms, and then led the crowd in chanting “Act on climate, act on climate.”

On education:

She wants universal pre-k. She also intends to advocate for early childhood education. But my question is, who exactly wants to advocate against early childhood education? Also, what exactly is this universal pre-k, and why are we trying to cookie cutter our kids? I thought we were about diversity and uniqueness, not uniformity for our 3 year-olds.

On Robo-Calls: 

She thinks robo calls are annoying and she has no idea how to stop them. But, it’s a serious issue that she will look into – although, she can’t promise that she’ll find an answer.

So, there you go. Hillary, well, she’s trying to attempt to try…



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