As Presidential Race Heats Up, RNC Raises Record-Setting $10.1 Million in June

On Monday, Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), announced that the RNC raised a record-setting $10.1 million during the month of June– the largest off-year June in the organizations history.

“June’s record-breaking fundraising shows the enthusiasm for putting the White House back into Republican hands,” Priebus said in a statement“As always, we are deeply appreciative of our donors and investors’ continued trust in the RNC and their support for the important work we’re doing.”

Throughout the first half of 2015, the RNC raised a grand total of $55.4 million with 99 percent of those donations coming in under $200. The average donation was $79.

“Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have deployed staff on the ground earlier than in any previous electoral cycle. We continue to build on our successful 2014 operation, while launching new initiatives designed to bring more people into the political process and connect them with the Republican Party,” Preibus continued.

One of the new initiatives that Preibus mentioned is the #CommittedtoCommunity program the RNC launched in Ohio earlier this month which reaches out to the black community through a partnership between the RNC and Radio One, a black media outlet. 

“Early support from investors is absolutely essential in laying the groundwork for a victorious 2016 election,” said Preibus. If the Republican Party is able to keep up the impressive fundraising numbers they have exhibited in June, then they may very well indeed be victorious come 2016.


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