Carly Fiorina Slams Hillary Clinton on Education Reform: Clinton Protects ‘the Status Quo and Stamps Out Choice’

In a new op-ed with The Iowa Republican, Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has come out swinging against Democrat obstruction of substantial education reform and their efforts to stop re-authorization of No Child Left Behind.

Fiorina stuck with her knack for knocking Hillary Clinton down a few pegs and opened with a shot at the former Secretary of State’s stance on education that she says “[protects] the status quo and stamp out choice.” The former Hewlett-Packard CEO pointed out that this type of education policy impacts low-income children the most because they cannot afford tutors or private schools.

Addressing a recent economic policy speech given by Clinton in New York, Fiorina writes, “[Like] many liberals, she believes our education system can’t be held accountable for failing low-income students and exacerbating inequality. She believes students either have potential – or they don’t. And our schools are not to blame when poor students from broken homes don’t graduate.”

“I am a conservative because I know that no one of us is better than any other one of us. I know our policies work best to lift young men and women up, to arm them with the tools to realize their potential and use their God-given gifts. And I know that chief among these policies is a commitment to empower students, teachers, and parents, fix our education system, and enable students to reach their full potential.”

The Republican presidential candidates blamed the Democratic Parties relentless push for federal involvement in education through programs like Common Core for the problems many public schools face today. “We’ve tried that,” Fiorina said. And it didn’t work.

Fiorina believes the way to reinvigorate our education system is to give “every parent and student a choice and a chance.” She then praised Republican efforts to re-authorize No Child Left Behind– Bush-era education reform– that aims to help disadvantaged children reach their full potential.

The lone female in the GOP presidential race, Fiorina is currently polling nationally at 0.8 percent and is unlikely to make Fox News’ first Republican debate on August 6 in Cleveland, Ohio.


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