Planned Parenthood Advocate Compares Selling of Fetal Body Parts to Donating Blood

Appearing on MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner earlier this week, Dr. Ann Davis of Physicians for Reproductive Health compared Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby parts to the donation of blood. Davis was speaking in regards to the recently released video that showed a Planned Parenthood executive negotiating the price of body parts of aborted children.

“So, imagine you do something familiar like go to donate blood. So, you go to donate blood. You go to the center. You have a technician who places an IV. You donate the blood. The blood goes into a little bag. The bag into a little cooler. People have done blood donation, right? So, that is someone’s job who has to help with the blood donation, make sure the donated blood goes to the appropriate place, it’s transported to the hospital. So, those are jobs people have. So, the costs – there are costs associated with donation and that’s exactly what this is for. So, those are – seem like reasonable numbers that would go along with that kind of donation.”

Wager later called body part donation the “silver lining of a very difficult process for most women.” Davis agreed and even described it as “very generous and very altruistic.”

While Planned Parenthood continues to maintain that they do not profit from the activities in question, many in Congress are calling for Federal funding of the organization to cease. Nine States have also launched their own investigations into the abortion provider.



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