Hillary Clinton Avoids the Tough Questions (Again)

It is no secret that former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a history of avoiding the press. Clinton’s aversion of the press has not gone unnoticed. Many major news outlets, like ABC News, Politico, The New York Daily News, and The Washington Post have all published articles reporting Clinton’s lack of availability to the press.

“Hillary Clinton has been a presidential candidate for a month maybe, and she’s had 13 questions asked by press,”  – Jeb Bush, Politico

The problem is so real that The Washington Post even created a clock to keep track of how long it has been since the former First Lady has answered a question from the press.

Recently Clinton hosted a Q&A through her Facebook page in order to appear transparent and available. Clinton set aside a whole hour to answer questions from Americans across the country, and the press did not fail to take advantage of this opportunity.

While there were thousands of questions, only a select few were actually answered and an even fewer amount being questions from the press.

Over ten questions were asked by verified members of the press, and Secretary Clinton answered a whopping total of . . . three. The longer Clinton continues her pattern of press-dodging, the worse this problem will become for her.

In a presidential election, the ability to connect with the candidate is crucial, and if an hour of questions online is the best Hillary Clinton can do, she has no business being the next president of the United States.

See below for excerpts from Hillary’s Facebook Q&A and her interactions with members of the press.