Iran Nuclear Deal Hearing: All the Sass

Today Secretary of State John Kerry was confronted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and when I say confronted, I mean all of the sass broke out.

The middle-school-style back-and-forth was pretty intense. Most of the committee was obviously against the Iran nuclear deal, and Kerry got a little bit agitated. He even referenced unicorns in his statements to point out that he never expected the Iran deal to bring such magic.

Besides the unicorn comment, the hearing started out okay. The first members asked a series of questions about the deal and then allowed time for Kerry to answer. However, as the hearing went on the members and Kerry were interrupting each other by the millisecond.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Kerry did not directly avoid all of the questions brought his way. However, his answers did not prove to satisfy anyone in the room. That led to more interruptions and getting off topic.

At one point a member asked about human and job trafficking. While important, Kerry wasn’t finding much relevance to the Iran deal. Another member also asked if Kerry used a private email for government activities.

One thing that came up repeatedly was the 24-day allowance. Basically there is leeway for Iran to postpone inspections for at least 24 days to potentially clean up their nuclear shenanigans.

Kerry stated that it would be hard for Iran to get rid of all of the evidence in 24 days, and if the Iranians kept telling the US that they didn’t want inspections, then they would be breaking the agreement.

Another fun factoid was revealed when Kerry apprehensively answered a question about breaking the law. When asked if he would be willing to follow the law if Congress voted against the deal and had enough votes to override the president’s veto, Kerry said that he would have to consult with the administration before answering.

While not completely Sec. Kerry’s fault, the hearing was more of a sassy yelling match between Kerry and the committee members than it was a hearing with any new information.

So, while the world has no real new analysis on how giving a country that our leaders don’t even trust continuous access to centrifuges and nuclear capabilities can be a good thing, we do know that unicorn magic was never expected… and it’s definitely not present.



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