11 Questions and 1 Answer I Have for Planned Parenthood’s New Spokesman

Most days, I watch the White House press briefing. The questions vary on content, but recently there has been a consistency in two things: 1) Josh Earnest has been asked about Planned Parenthood and 2) he has replied as if he is Planned Parenthood’s new spokesman.

Yesterday, when asked about Planned Parenthood, Earnest defended them by quoting Planned Parenthood’s own remarks about living up to the highest standards of the law. Today, he listed all of the gumdrops of joy that Planned Parenthood provides for men, women, and children.

I’ve got a few questions of my own I’d like to ask:

1. Why would someone who has condemned violence be okay with defending an organization that has been linked to criminal activity?

2. If he, nor the President, have watched any of the videos, how can he or the administration say that the videos are misleading?

3. Why is he okay with quoting the alleged criminal perpetrator as a credible source?

4. Has any press secretary ever used the tactic of citing an organization allegedly involved in criminal activity as a viable source to claim the innocence of said organization?

5. Even if he is anti-life, is he at least slightly worried that half a billion dollars in federal funding goes to an organization into which 10 states have launched criminal investigations?

6. If the organization in question was a pro-life 501(c)(3) who received government funding and 10 states launched an investigation over alleged tax fraud, would he urge a full investigation and call for defunding the organization?

7. Can he sleep at night, knowing that his hard earned money is potentially blood money linked criminal activity?

8. Does he actually think it’s a good idea to defend an organization that may be profiting from the sale of aborted baby organs?

9. Why is he so against an investigation?

10. Is he okay with people getting away with trafficking baby organs?

11. How far does it have to go for Earnest and the administration to realize that Planned Parenthood should be defunded, or at the very least, be investigated? They’ve already committed murder and sold baby organs. WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED?

The Answer:

Nothing else is needed. Even if Josh Earnest himself witnessed Planned Parenthood being involved in human organ trafficking, the administration would not prompt an investigation.

Why? Because this administration does not thrive on justice. This administration does not care about civility or what is right or what is pure. Planned Parenthood funds the left side of politics, and they don’t want to lose that money.

It is not about life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness, and I doubt it ever will be with this administration. It’s about power, greed, and getting to the top. And once you’re at the top, no scandal – no matter how many murders are committed, no matter how much crime is done by you or your supporters – will take you down. Once you are at the top, the only thing you are focused on is staying there. That at least seems to be the tactic of the current administration. That is why they are against an investigation. That is why they will not take action.


One thought on “11 Questions and 1 Answer I Have for Planned Parenthood’s New Spokesman

  1. This is misleading because fetal tissue donation is NOT an illegal activity. PP is only compensated for the handling of the tissue to the medical research facitilites that reimburse them. There is no profit being made, as PP is a non-profit organization. The “investigations” spearheaded by anti-choice grooups and conservative elected officials is nothing more than a ploy to defund something they clearly don’t have a full grasp on. Tax dollars are NOT allowed to fund abortions and PP is exceptionally careful with how they use tax payer funds so they don’t break this law.

    President Obama has always been a staunch supporter of PP and understands that abortion related activity is less than 3% of services provided by PP. There is no “trafficking” of organs, selling baby parts, or whatever other nonsense phrases anti-choice politicians want to throw at it this non-scandal in an attempt to paint PP in a negative light.

    Defunding PP means no birth control, no sex education, no mammograms, no cervical cancer screenings, no pap smears, NO regular medical care for impoverished women throughout the country. That’s not very “pro-life.”


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