An Inside Look at Senator Rand Paul’s Debate Digital Media Strategy

With the first Republican debate of the 2016 presidential election cycle a mere two days away, candidates and their teams are not only preparing for what happens on stage, but also what’s happening behind-the-scenes.

The New York Times‘ Ashley Parker has an extremely insightful inside look at Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s digital media strategy for Thursday night.

“We should have something on any topic we think is going to come up,” said Doug Stafford, Mr. Paul’s top strategist. “What we’re trying to do is augment what we think he’s going to say. We want the graphic to be an extension of what he won’t have time to get out in 60 seconds.”

Though candidates and their teams of advisers and surrogates will continue to traipse into the crowded spin room after the debate on Thursday night, Mr. Paul’s aides are spending the week preparing for what savvy campaigns well know: that in the battle for public opinion, the presidential debates will be won or lost on social media, possibly before the 10 Republican hopefuls have even answered the last question.

Read the full article here.



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