An Open Letter to the Liberal Media

Dear Liberal Media,

You had one job. And you failed.

There have now been FIVE videos that have divulged the sociopathic corruptness of Planned Parenthood. These videos were scandalous enough to get the US Senate to try to make a difference, yet somehow they were not worthy enough to get you to report on them.

According to the Media Research Center, as of July 30, you, liberal media, particularly CBS and NBC, spent a mere 15 minutes and 40 seconds over the course of roughly two and a half weeks on the abortion videos. And yet, in the span of two and a half days, you managed to pull through 33 minutes and 16 seconds of coverage of the shooting death of Cecil the lion.

You have also reported on Donald Trump as if he is the only thing that could bring in ratings. Why? Because while Trump is outspoken enough where you can expose the pitfalls of a self-proclaimed Republican, the grotesqueness of the Planned Parenthood videos are all too real and actually expose your own pitfalls.

From doing a quick google search, I found that since the release of the first Planned Parenthood video, NBC News has mentioned Planned Parenthood in 17 articles. In that time frame, NBC has written almost four times as much about Donald Trump. Let me repeat: Trump has gotten nearly QUADRUPLE the amount of coverage than the videos exposing the potential profit of human organ trafficking.

When I googled Planned Parenthood President’s name, “Cecile Richards,” there were only 10 pages of results since the release of the first video. Yet, when I googled “Cecil the Lion” in Google news, since just July 29th, 35 pages of articles came up. In the span of less than one week, the death of a big cat has been more than three times as prominent in the news than what might be the illegal decapitation and sale of children and their organs.

Besides the extreme lack of reporting from you, there is also the obvious bias. By framing the articles with the words ‘anti-abortion’ and ‘anti-choice’ as opposed to ‘pro-life’, you’ve already shown how little you care about reporting any facts at all.

You, liberal media, have been disproportionately reporting on the issues that align with your agenda. I don’t expect there to be a change until a cultural change is had. But for now, it is harder for people to have immediate access to actual news from both sides of the aisle.

You need to stop for a moment to remember what your job is. Your job is not to tell people what you think the people want to hear. Your job is not to tell people what you want the people to hear. Your job is to report the facts to the public. And with important issues like this, you, liberal media have failed miserably.

If you actually hold your job in high regards, if you actually believe that your job is to be a factual outlet of current events, if you actually believe that reliable and unbiased coverage of every important issue is vital to journalism, then I urge you to stop what you’re doing and change.

You have one job. Do it.


A Future Journalist



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