The Irony of Pro-Choice

In light of the recent stomach-turning Planned Parenthood videos, a topic which has been hotly debated off-and-on since Roe v. Wade has been reignited and rightly so. These videos are very disturbing, to say the least. Let’s examine the arguments of those who generally defend abortion and Planned Parenthood.

When it comes to the issue of abortion, you generally fall into one of two categories: pro-life or pro-choice. For those who identify as pro-life, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Pro-lifers are in support of the lives of the unborn as a general rule. They could also label themselves anti-abortion. I think that I can safely assume that the majority of the pro-lifers would have no problem labeling themselves as such.

Most pro-lifers are fully-aware that thought their positions might be morally correct, they are politically incorrect, and most of them couldn’t care less about being political correct. The majority of pro-lifers are also aware that they are the target of the media and the left, and many of them wear it as a badge of honor.

Those on the other side of the debate generally refer to themselves as “pro-choice.” However, they are not truly “pro-choice.” They only call themselves that because it sounds much better politically to say “I am pro-choice” than “I am pro-abortion.”

Everyone knows that abortion means killing a baby, and it doesn’t sound very good politically to say, “I’m pro-killing babies,” so they just dress it up a little bit and call themselves “pro-choice.” At best, you could say, “I’m pro-women having the choice to kill her baby,” but even that doesn’t sound very good.

In reality, the majority of those who call themselves “pro-choice” are “pro-abortion.” They are pro-choice so long as you make the choice they say you can make–in this case, that choice is killing your baby. The pro-choice movement is rooted in liberal feminism which operates under the same principle: “Women have the right to choose, so long as they don’t choose to be wives and mothers.” Classical feminism is about true choice–the choice for life, the choice to be a CEO, and even the choice to be a wife and mother.

A favorite mantra of those who are pro-choice is “her body, her choice.” Yes, but this is no longer your body alone; it is the body of another human being who has rights separate from yours and whom you are responsible for protecting and caring for.

We often say, “My right to swing my arm ends when I punch you in the nose.” Well, killing your baby extends far beyond punching someone in the nose. It is your job to protect the life of that baby, not make a choice for that baby which you have no authority to make.

Abortion shouldn’t be treated any differently than murder, as that is what it is–the killing of another human life. The fact that it is part of your body for a short time does not mean that you can kill it just because you don’t want it. It is still a separate human life. No human has authority to take any human life, even their own. Only God has the authority to give and take life, and anyone who does so is “playing God.”

Those who label themselves “pro-choice” are not truly in favor of choice, but they are merely “pro-abortion.” So perhaps we should re-label ourselves “anti-abortion” instead of pro-life and those who label themselves “pro-choice” start calling themselves “pro-abortion.”