Huckabee Urges State Leaders to Call a Convention of States

He may be in the middle of a presidential campaign, but he thinks it will take more than a new President to truly change Washington for the better. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee recently spoke before about 1000 state legislators in San Diego, but he deviated from his stump speech to talk about Article V of the constitution and the need for a convention of states.

“One of the reasons I’m so very supportive of the national effort to invoke Article V of the Constitution,” Huckabee said, “is because it is the only way we will ever be able to devolve power away from Washington and back to the states, as the Founders of this great country intended it to be.”

The speech was one of the most popular events at the annual gathering of the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a network of conservative state legislators from across the country. There were several meetings and panels hosted by Article V grassroots efforts, and Huckabee spent several minutes on the subject. “

The genius of the Constitution is that…they built in all kinds of checks and balances so that there would always be a way to rein that power away from the few and redistribute it back to the many,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee has endorsed Convention of States Project and expressly pointed out the need for new limits on the power of the Supreme Court.

“Article V is that one fail-safe way to to keep our government from spiraling out of control and restore the balance of power.” Huckabee concluded his speech by saying, “Let’s get Article V passed and get the power out of Washington and back to the local government.”

The Convention of States resolution applies for an Article V convention that would propose amendments to the Constitution which impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, establish term limits for federal officials, and establish other limits on the scope and power of the federal government.

In addition to Huckabee, prominent conservatives who have endorsed Convention of States Project include Gov. Bobby Jindal, Tom Coburn, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Ken Cuccinelli, Sarah Palin, and Sen. Ron Johnson. Others who have generally expressed support for an Article V convention include Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Dan Bongino, Cal Thomas, David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and Rush Limbaugh.


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