Why Carly Fiorina Deserves A Second Look

With 17 candidates running for the Republican nomination, it is going to be quite a challenge for any one candidate to rise in the polls. Everyone knows that polls this early in the election season are rather meaningless and largely represent name recognition.

However, the candidates that lead these early polls are receiving the most attention from the media. The question is, just because your name is the most well-known, does that necessarily make you the best candidate for president?

My answer to this question is an emphatic no. Take Carly Fiorina, for example. Carly Fiorina has never held public office before and has not spent her life creating a brand name for herself, so she is an unknown entity to many Republican voters. Given her performance at tonight’s debate, she is a candidate that deserves some more attention.

On almost every question that she was asked, Fiorina provided a strong answer, something that cannot be said of the other candidates. While other candidates, particularly Graham and Santorum, seemed to divert every question to single issues (military spending for Graham, and social issues for Santorum), Fiorina had a finely-tuned message of unlocking the potential of every American and offered intriguing answers to the questions at hand.

We need to be very well aware of the fact that China and Russia are using technology to attack us, just as ISIS is using technology to recruit those who would murder American citizens. I do not believe that we need to wholesale destroy every American citizen’s privacy in order to go after those that we know are suspect or are — are already a problem,

Carly Fiorina

The main problem Fiorina faces is not her lack of government positions, but her name recognition. As seen by graphs that tracked Google searches throughout the debate, Carly Fiorina maintained dominance throughout the debate, aside from Graham’s one major spike. This shows that as more people listen to her speak, the more attention she is drawing.

Like Carly has repeatedly said, Americans are tired of the “professional political class” and being a citizen leader is one of her greatest strengths.

While Carly Fiorina has flaws, like any other candidate running for president, there are many aspects to her that have been overlooked. After tonight’s debate, I think Carly Fiorina has proven that she deserves a second look.