Why People Should Take the Bernie Sanders Campaign Seriously

Anyone who has ever read a history book knows how socialism affects a country. And for those of you who missed the socialism lessons, it doesn’t end well. Entire countries have collapsed under the principles of the idea.

So how is it then that a self-proclaimed socialist, who is running to be the president of a country that thrives on capitalism, could prove to be a serious contender in the race?

First off, Bernie Sanders offers free things. The “You get a car! And you get a car!” mentality is popular. People like free stuff. And they don’t always think about the negative repercussions, because they don’t really care.

Secondly, the liberals have altered our country from being a country founded on a desire to be independent from an overpowering government, to one who actively depends on one for livelihood. They have used the tactic of dividing the people and making them feel like victims so that the people feel a need to be entitled to everything. This concept of entitlement is preached by Sanders.

Thirdly, people like Bernie, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton use language that does not incentivize working towards an American dream but instead incentivizes staying unemployed or working at McDonalds. Raising the minimum wage to $15 incentivizes laziness.

People can either work their way up to achieving their dream job, try their hardest and thrive on intrinsic motivation, or get paid the same amount of money for asking,” You want fries with that?”

Not all of America is a ball of entitled people. There are real people who are working endless hours, day and night, to make a positive impact in the world. In fact, most of the people I meet are these people – the ones who are fully dedicated to achieving what they set out to do. I admire these people.

However, the people that the liberals have encouraged to feel entitled are discrediting the hard work of those who set out to achieve the American dream. It’s similar to how Obama’s “let the illegals just become legal” executive order devalues the intensity of the stories and efforts that were made by the people who immigrated to America legally.

Regardless, this is how our nation currently sits. It is divided by the rhetoric of the left. While the left makes everyone a victim, the right tells people to get to work because only you can achieve the things you set out to do.

Out of the two, people think the latter sounds mean and inconsiderate. These people do not realize how the economic policies of the left is actually the mean and inconsiderate policy, because it is a policy that would lead to the downfall of our nation.

Bernie Sanders’ nice, “I’ll make college free for all of you by taxing the rich people at 90 percent,” sounds like unicorns and butterflies until you realize it is literally one of the stupidest ideas that has ever existed. But when some people are told they will be given free things, they don’t care how they get the free things. They just want the free things.

These are the people supporting Bernie Sanders. While Hillary’s policies aren’t all that different, and the DNC chair can’t even tell the difference between a socialist and a Democrat (because there really isn’t one), Bernie is gaining ground. In the most recent New Hampshire poll, Bernie is beating Hillary Clinton.

I never thought I’d see the day where a socialist is the frontrunner in any state of America. That day is now here, and we need to look out. We are great at pointing out Hillary’s scandals, but we need to do better at informing the public why equipping them with the skills to climb a ladder is better than throwing money at them. This might be our newest battle, but I think we can win it.  



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