The Major Pitfalls of the Frank and Claire of 2016

A Washington D.C. power couple that thrives on manipulation, has a bounty of sex scandals, and a determination to get to the top, where they will do anything, legal or not, to make sure that nobody will get in their way. I’m of course talking about Frank and Claire Underwood, but the resemblance to Hillary and Bill Clinton is uncanny.

Bill Clinton himself said that House of Cards is 99 percent accurate. The one percent that is inaccurate? Getting an education bill passed so quickly.

With stories like Lewinsky, the correlation of being the president’s wife and holding an office that deals with international relations, and the lack of ethical boundaries in just about every situation, I think I understand why Bill sees a similarity between the show and real life.

While Hillary already seems to be old news, we must never forget how powerful her covert narcissism can be. She has openly denied sending or receiving classified emails, which has been proven false. She said we haven’t found a smoking gun, so we can’t prove anything. She joked about her emails being wiped clean, regardless of the fact that this notion is being investigated because four Americans died.

But there’s one thing that Hillary hasn’t done nearly as well as Frank and Claire. She isn’t as good at a solid coverup. As much as Hillary wants to joke about serious matters and outright lie to the world and to herself, every time she is proven wrong her covert narcissism will show. That’s a major pitfall.

People who are outright narcissists can only use their ego as a strength if they can convince people that their ego equates to strength–a person who cares so little, that they will never back down on what they set out to do.

However, the narcissism of a covert narcissist can be used as a strength without the need to even convince others that it is their strength, because they manipulate without you even knowing. On the outside, people used to see a sweet Hillary who was the victim of crazy right-wing conspiracies. This is because coverts play the victim like there’s no tomorrow. They use the victim card not so that they look weak, but so that the others look like the bully. Hillary played the manipulation card very, very well. That is, until people stopped believing her.

When her trustworthiness ratings declined, so did her favorability. When a covert narcissist loses the trust of the people, the people no longer see that person as the victim. And when the victim manipulation card isn’t effective anymore, all they have is overt lying and laughing things off to make the other side seem crazier. But those tactics aren’t working, and Hillary is dropping in the polls.

Even if she hasn’t exchanged her orange pantsuit for a jumpsuit by the time elections roll around, I’d be surprised if she makes it all the way, even if she makes it to the primaries. She messed up, and now she can only laugh and lie.

Two lessons for Hillary: 1) The truth overpowers lies, and 2) House of Cards may be just a TV show, but what a plot twist it would be if Frank and Claire went to jail on corruption charges in the final season.

Even if Hillary doesn’t go to jail because President Obama saves her from justice being served, her lies have hurt the trust of the American people–something that could take a very long time to restore.



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