Should Women Be Allowed In Combat?

Following the announcement that two women will graduate for the first time from the Army’s well-known Ranger School, the Navy Seals will open recruitment for women.

I’m sure all the feminists are ecstatic to have achieved this measure of “gender equality,” but this raises some important questions. Is it in our best interest to allow women in combat? Are we safer with men only in combat? Should equality be placed over safety if we must choose?

These are important question which should be addressed. The first two question are more or less the same so I will treat them as one.I would argue that it is not in our best interest to allow women in combat for a number of reasons.

First, men have an innate instinct to protect women, so if a female soldier is injured or in danger, the men are going to be focusing on protecting her and not on doing their job. If a soldier is not focused on what he is supposed it be doing it could compromise his safety, the safety of his fellow soldiers or even the success or failure of the mission.

Secondly there is the physical/emotional attraction between the sexes. If two people start to feel physically and/or emotionally attracted to each other, they are going to be distracted by the other person which means that the will not be focusing on their job. Again this distraction from their job could compromise their own safety the safety of their fellow soldiers or even the success or failure of the mission.

According to the Huffington Post:

Many women were on the front lines in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which helped convince military leaders to re-evaluate long-standing restrictions.

Now I am not saying that women who are able to meet the physical standards required, should not be able to serve their country should they desire to do so. Most assuredly, while it tends to be the exceptions rather than the rule, there are certainly women out there who are just as strong as a man if not more so.

Take UFC’s Ronda Rousey or WWE’s Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie. Kudos to any woman who serves her country. What I am saying is that allowing men and women to fight side by side in combat places us at too great a risk.

Women tend to be more emotionally wired, whereas men are much more logically wired. A woman may have an emotional meltdown upon seeing a fellow soldier injured or killed, whereas men are much better at controlling their emotions, sometimes to their detriment. But in this situation, being able to control your emotions is crucial.

Now I am sure all my feminist haters are ready to attack me in the name of equality. But frankly, I’d rather have men-only combat units, as allowing women to fight alongside men in combat, places us at too great a risk, merely to pacify the feminists screaming for equality.