Hillary Just Called Half of America Terrorists, and It’s Not the Tipping Point

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton compared pro-life Americans to terrorists. Terrorists, as in chop-off-your-head-because-you’re- an-infidel terrorists. I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider terrorism to be that of saving the lives of unborn babies and advocating for the transfer of funds from one atrociously sketchy organization to tons of women health organizations across America. We pro-life people actually like women. In fact, we’re a fan of not killing them. We also make up about half of America.

I hope Hill realizes that calling half of the voters terrorists is even worse than Mitt calling out “the 47 percent.” She might apologize, but it isn’t really that necessary. Her comments don’t change my mind or many other pro-lifers’ minds on advocating for the unborn, and an apology won’t change it either.

As a non-progressive, I don’t progress with culture. I have values and morals that are grounded in Christ. The Bible does not change, and therefore, neither do my convictions. Hillary can do whatever she wants to follow up with her comments, but either way, it probably won’t change the minds of pro-lifers, and she’s already done enough damage to lose the nomination.

It’s not this comment that will make Hillary lose the nomination. Just being a Clinton running against a Bush is enough for people on both sides of the aisle to unite against another Clinton or Bush. It’s not her fault she was thrown into a competition thinking it was a title she already owned.

However, it is her fault that she used a private server for government business, put personal convenience over national security, and now, called half of the nation terrorists, yet refuses to use the same verbiage for many of the actual terrorists abroad.

This comment is not the tipping point for Hillary. She’s been dropping in the polls for weeks. Bernie won’t win the nomination and neither will Hillary. There are two possibilities of who will beat her. One, is a current underdog: Martin O’Malley.

The other, is the current insurance policy for the President: Vice President Joe Biden. I never thought I’d see the day where Uncle Joe was a serious competitor for Hillary. But, all he has to do is not be a Clinton, not use a private server for official business, and not call half of the country terrorists. If he can handle not doing things, I think he can to beat Hillary.



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