Why We Won’t Find a Reagan for 2016, and Why We Don’t Need To

Reagan is my favorite president, hands down. He signed the biggest tax cut in history, was a strong and powerful leader, and had God as his guide. I always hear that we need another Reagan, that the only way we can get our country back is with another Reagan.

And of course, I hear every presidential candidate explain why he or she is the next Reagan. But, I beg to differ. No candidate that says he is the next Reagan is the next Reagan. And furthermore, we don’t need another Reagan.

One thing that struck me when I first visited Ronald Reagan’s ranch in Santa Barbara is a quality that made me respect him right out of the gates. This quality is a quality that made Reagan…Reagan. It’s a quality that proves that if you say you are the next Reagan, you most likely are not.

This quality is humility. From everything I’ve gathered about Ronald–his ability to be a strong, powerful force, the leader of the free world, and still be extremely humble–struck me the hardest. If there were a Reagan before Reagan, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t say that he was the next version. This is not just because of his humility, but also because his understanding of individual uniqueness.

If we have 17 people all thinking they are Ronald Reagan, then we lose the qualities that are unique to each individual candidate. Every president has something; even the ones that make bad decisions have good qualities. Nobody is perfect, but nobody can get elected if they have no good traits.

Lincoln had honesty, Reagan had humor and strength, President Obama had charisma. However, while no candidate can be Reagan, because that is deoxyribonucleic acid-ly impossible, that does not mean that no candidate should emulate the positive traits that Reagan had.

However, while we see Reagan as a force, it is not Reagan that the people should specifically emulate. Reagan did not seek to live like himself; he sought to live like Christ. Reagan was not perfect, but Christ is. If we have a candidate who tries to be like Reagan, then he or she will fall short of at least some of the qualities of an already imperfect man. However, if we have a candidate who lives their life to emulate Christ, while the candidate will still fall short, they are aiming much higher.

Being a follower of Christ won’t make you a great president, but living for Christ and following His path that leads one to the Presidency might. Not everyone is suited to be President. Every Christian is suited for an individual path set out by Christ. However, one of those paths that God has set out for one of His followers might just be the presidency.

So, we won’t find another Reagan, and that’s not what we need. We need a person who has the perfect being as their moral compass, as their source of wisdom, as their guide for life. We need someone who has the qualities to run a nation and work with others and a goal to live ultimately for God.



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