John Kasich Has a Simple Message for Conservatives: ‘Get Over It’

Since the Fox News debate Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich has surged in the polls, particularly New Hampshire where he is now second behind only Donald Trump.

While Kasich has a long political pedigree stretching from Congress to the Governor’s mansion, his latest campaigning technique is a bit puzzling. When asked about a myriad of issues, Kasich has just three words for conservatives: “Get over it.”

Kasich has uttered this same, superficial response regarding big government overreach such as Obamacare, the Supreme Court’s lawlessness regarding social issues, and illegal immigration.

Illegal Immigration

One of the leading reasons Trump is doing well is because he has probably been the loudest about the danger that illegal immigration and birthright citizenship pose to the American economy and the civil society, but Kasich doesn’t see it that way.

“Let these people who are born here be citizens and that’s the end of it. I don’t want to dwell on it,” he said. Many conservatives regard birthright citizenship as unfair, unlawful, and a magnet for illegal immigration. Now, after opposing birthright citizenship during his tenure in Congress, Kasich shrugs.

“I think we need to get over that. I’m not for [repealing] it anymore,” he said. Despite Kasich’s flippancy toward this issue, recent studies indicate that increased migrancy levels have affected the job market, keeping wages stagnant as low-skilled and younger workers are forced to compete with immigrants for jobs. Many people don’t know that America welcomes one million new citizens every year, a level that has remained steady over the past fifteen years, and that does not include the influx in illegal immigration.

Count your blessings,” Kasich said, scolding Republican voters in an interview with Laura Ingraham. 

Homosexual Marriage

It’s time to move on,” Kasich said regarding homosexual marriage. While other candidates have derided the Supreme Court for legislating from the bench, Kasich seems unconcerned by their overreach.

“The Supreme Court has ruled, it’s the law of the land, and we’ll abide by it,” he said. Other candidates–including Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Rand Paul–have proposed reforms that would place checks on the court’s power.


Kasich has a similar tone on the issue of Roe v. Wade, saying that conservatives “focus too much on just one issue… (Abortion) is an important issue, but I think there’s many other issues that are really critical.”

He went on to name infant mortality and the environment as issues that were more important than abortion, which seems to be tone deaf given that criticism of abortion providers is at an all-time high in the wake of recent undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood.


Kasich, like every other Republican candidate, has campaigned on the repeal of Obamacare. However, recent comments and actions reveal that it probably isn’t high on his “To-do” list.

“The opposition to [Obamacare] was really either political or ideological,” Kasich said in an interview with the Associated Press. “I don’t think that holds water against real flesh and blood, and real improvements in people’s lives.”

Most concerning is the fact that he unilaterally expanded Obamacare in Ohio, and his defense is both condescending and self-righteous.

“When I get to the pearly gates, I’m going to have an answer for what I’ve done for the poor,” he declared, ignoring the fact that forcing one group of people to give money to another can hardly be construed as charity.

For all of Kasich’s talk of supposedly doing God’s will, he fundamentally lacks the temperament to be President. In addition to his tendency to lash out and insult people publicly, as a Congressman he was known to verbally abuse his staff on a daily basis.

Kasich is also a fan of Common Core, which most Americans oppose, and has a decidedly shaky record on Second Amendment rights. He may be able to carry the all-important state of Ohio in a general election, but he projects a strange disdain for conservatives, much like Jeb Bush.

Regarding his ambition for the presidency, conservatives may soon have a familiar answer for the Ohio governor.

“Get over it.”


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