VIDEO: Rand Paul Schools Bernie Sanders

“I was just hoping I’d get a Bernie Sanders question,” Rand Paul said with a twinkle in his eye at a recent Heritage Action event in South Carolina.

“It is a disservice to the country for Bernie Sanders to say he’s going to give you all more Social Security and that money will grow on trees,” said Paul.

The Kentucky Senator went on to demonstrate the ridiculousness of Sanders’s penchant for promising “free stuff” even though the country is nearly $19 trillion in debt and has accrued about $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

“For the past five years, Social Security pays out more than what comes in,” Paul explained. “We used to have 16 workers for every retired person. Now it’s three workers for every retired person.”

The Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly said Social Security is “unsustainable” and going bankrupt.

“Guess what?  There is no free lunch!” Paul said. “That just means someone else is paying for it, but they’re not showing you who’s paying for it.”

Even today, Social Security has no trust fund. Young workers subsidize those who have retired.

“We can fix it. I have a bill that would fix Social Security,” Paul said, explaining his plan to gradually raise the age of eligibility in order to save the program from bankruptcy.

“I know no one wants to hear that, but the opposite is I come up and tell you, ‘Everything is okay. You can have whatever you want, and it’s free.’ But we’ll destroy the country if we do that.”


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Rand Paul Schools Bernie Sanders

  1. Rand’s problem is he’s all Mr. Serious while his hair is standing on his head telling jokes. It’s hard for folks to tell who he wants to be.


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