University President Slams Trump in the Best Way Possible

Friday at the Values Voter Summit was filled with presidential candidates and people taking jabs at Trump. Gov. Rick Perry explained the qualities of a presidential candidate: humility, optimism, and instead of just saying what is wrong, knowing how to change the future through God. These qualities seemed to be reflective of almost any candidate but Trump.

But it was the President from Ohio Christian University that took a jab at Trump in the best possible way. When Donald first walked out, he showed the crowd his Bible. He said that it was the Bible his mom gave to him when he was little. It was in very good condition. He went on and on to make sure that he could effectively play to the evangelical crowd in front of him.

However, when Ohio Christian University president Dr. Mark Smith came to speak later in the day, he also brought his Bible. He showed the crowd that his Bible was falling apart from being so well-used.

Dr. Mark Smith did not even mention Trump’s name when he brought out his Bible. He did not bash Trump directly, but that simple contrast of an old Bible intact and an old Bible falling apart made the entire crowd realize that there is a difference between using a Bible as a prop to cater to a crowd and showing the truth about a faith that has continuously grown for years.



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