When the Perfect Man for the Job Declines

Paul Ryan is an honorable, respectable, beautiful congressman. He loves his job so much that he has declined to take a job as Speaker of the House. So what can we do?

Technically, Paul Ryan is currently rethinking whether or not he will accept the position. (I say accept because he has the votes, according to a USA Today article. Also, another candidate has said that if Ryan runs, he will drop out).

If Congressman Ryan decides to officially decline, even after further contemplation, then who could get the votes and lead? That answer is still up in the air, but some names have been tossed around. Darrell Issa and Jason Chaffetz both said that they might be inclined to running.

However, with Paul Ryan’s integrity and brilliance, I still believe that he is the best person for the job – and so do many others. We should know by the end of Congress’s extended weekend whether or not Ryan is running.

If he declines, I will continue to respect him. However, if he accepts, I think we could see a wonderful change in the future of Congress.


One thought on “When the Perfect Man for the Job Declines

  1. A lot more people seem to be throwing their hats into the now open ring. Ryan, like Gowdy, may be liked a lot but neither wants the job. Forcing someone into a job they don’t want may just take someone who is effective from their effective role and push them into one they don’t want and will probably not be effective at…a lose/lose scenario for us; loss of a strong committee chair without creating a strong leader.

    There are a couple hundred members of Congress, let’s let one step forward who both can and will do the job.


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