It’s Time for Biden

In case you missed or purposefully skipped out on CNN‘s first Democrat debate Tuesday night, you dodged a hefty dose of pro-socialist talking points from Sanders, Lincoln Chafee making us all wonder why he’s still in the race, Jim Webb talk about killing a guy, Martin O’Malley reminding everyone why he’s polling so low, and Hillary Clinton’s obnoxious laugh.

While the Left’s first go-around failed to trump the GOP’s first two debates in the entertainment factor, it didn’t lack subsistence. The five candidates seriously discussed many of the issues we face in America today while defending their policy stances to the best of their ability.

Eight years ago, the Democrat party looked extremely different. In 2007, the Democrat’s had their first primary all the way in April– makes the 2016 Republicans not seem so bad, huh? The host was NBC‘s favorite son Brian Williams. My how times have changed.

Instead of a mere 5 candidates like they have this time around, the Democrats had a whopping 13 candidates on the first debates stage back in ’07. The participants were former Senators Joesph Biden, Hillary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, and Barack Obama as well as Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Governor William Richardson.

Fast-forward to 2015. Many in the media (both Liberal and Conservative) have deemed Hillary Clinton the Democrats Chosen One in an almost monarchical ascension. The shocking popularity of self-described “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders has thrown Clinton’s plan off kilter, but she won’t let him take the nomination from her. After everything’s Hillary been through over the past 40 years, she knows this is her last shot at securing the Presidency. 2016 won’t be a repeat of 2008.

None of the current Democrat candidates can take the nomination away from Clinton. In Real Clear Politics average of recent polling has Clinton at a strong 43.3% with Sanders in second at 25.1%. The other three candidates fail to reach 1%.

The only person who can prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming the Democrat Parties nominee is current Vice President Joe Biden. Without having announced his candidacy, Biden polls in third place at 17.4%. Were he to enter the race later this month, the Vice President’s polling would likely see a hefty announcement bump that might carry into primary season.

Unlike Clinton, Biden is widely viewed as a down-to-earth, genuine guy. Nicknamed “Uncle Joe,” Biden soars where Clinton fails: connecting with people. Biden is a likable people person who Americans (Democrat or Republican) would love to get a beer with and talk about Sunday night football. Hillary Clinton has to have her staff create a strategy on making her seem more relatable and spontaneous.

Additionally, Biden has an heart-wrenching life story of loss, faith, hard work, and a call to serve. Clinton on the other hand has ridden on the coattails of her husband to launch a political career laden with political scandals and questionable leadership. She expects people to support her merely because she’d become the first female President, but so far, that’s not panning out in her favor. American’s don’t care about Clinton’s gender and are deeply concerned about whether or not she is a trustworthy person to elect to the highest office of power.

Now that the first debate is out of the way, the timing is perfect for Biden to come forth and declare the Democrat Parties need for a serious, electable candidate. It’s time for Biden.



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