Hypocritical Hilary

Hilary Clinton has proven over and over again that her words and actions do not match up on a variety of issues across the board. Hilary Clinton is running on the platform of potentially being the first woman president, yet she has proven over and over her hypocrisy when you compare her words and actions on women’s issues. One could even make the argument that Hilary Clinton is sexist towards her own gender, as I did in this article back in April.

Well Hilary Clinton has yet again proven she doesn’t really mean what she says. Hilary Clinton is much like the typical Hollywood celebrity. Clinton is completely different person on camera than she is off camera. The real Hilary is someone much different that the Hilary who is generally caught by the news cameras.

Recently, the real Hilary was recently recorded by Ronald Kessler in his new book. The written word is powerful, and Hilary will most likely end up regretting that her real self has been recorded in print.

“Every politician pays lip service to military and law enforcement,” says Cassy Fiano of Right Wing News. Honoring the military, law enforcement, as well as firefighters, emergency first responders and those who lay their lives on the line on a daily basis for the well-being of others is just something you are supposed to do particularly if you are person of prestige like a politician or a Hollywood celebrity.

However, just like that smooth talking, suave dude, Hilary Clinton might know all the right things to say but she recently proved that she doesn’t give a damn about those who lay their lives on the line to protect her.

In Ronald Kessler’s new book he recounts an incident when a Secret service agent wished her a good morning and she responded by telling him to “f*ck off,” reports Right Wing News.

This is the woman that wants to be our President. This is a woman that is trying to convince the America voter that she is relatable and “just like them”. I highly doubt that the average American voter can relate to someone who curses out a Secret Service agent when he simply whishes them a good morning. Frankly, even if I thought Hilary Clinton would make a good President, I don’t want a woman in the White House who can’t even show respect to a Secret Service agent when he wishes her a good morning.

Just like that suave, smooth talking, good-looking guy, Hilary Clinton doesn’t give a damn about the average American voter. Hilary Clinton, only wants one thing from you, just like that guy, she wants your vote. They get what they want and they split. Don’t take the bait. Remember they’re both hypocrites, they don’t mean what they say. They’ll say whatever they have to get what they want. They may say they care about you, but they don’t. Their words and actions do not match up. America, you do not want to commit to a 4-8 yr relationship with a hypocrite like Hilary. Get out while you still can.


4 thoughts on “Hypocritical Hilary

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Everything that woman says is calculated. Didn’t she have a visit with Steven Speilberg to teach her how to make herself more likeable and now she is walking and talking like Hollywood and showbiz.



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