Can We Please Stop Making Everything About Race?

Seriously question: Is anyone else sick and tired of literally everything being turned into a debate about race?

The third and final trailer for the highly anticipated film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released Monday night and a new movement started over on Twitter with the hashtag “#BoycottStarWarsVII” because these people believe the film is “promoting white genocide.”

Well, I’ve watched all three trailers for The Force Awakens and nowhere is there even the slightest hint that the film supports the extinction of Caucasians. I mean, there’s a young African American character in the film, but there were several black people in the old Star Wars movies…Plus, one black person doesn’t mean white people are going bye-bye forever.


Apparently people are ticked by the “lack of white male lead characters.” ……. Sorry, I was busy laughing. The Force Awakens has several lead characters who are white and male (Harrison Ford, Oscar Isaac, Mark Hamill, etc.) in addition to a black male lead, and numerous black and white female leads (I hope you are as excited as I am about Lupita).

People today will be offended by absolutely anything. If you don’t wear the color pink on Wednesday’s, some people would actually push you in front of a moving school bus. The madness has to stop.

Stop being sensitive. 

Stop being easily offended.

Stop taking everything as a personal attack.

Stop using the color of your skin as an excuse to trash harmless movies.

But don’t listen to me. After all, this was all the ramblings of a privileged white girl.


Comment below if you’re as excited as I am for this movie. #HolyEpicness


One thought on “Can We Please Stop Making Everything About Race?

  1. Yes i wish they would stop making everything about race so we dont have to keep talking about race. Just make it like episode IV . It wasn’t about race but rather about the adventure.


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