6 Reasons Why Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Should Eventually Run for President

Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland is one of my favorite politicians. He is a classy genius who is humble, yet strong, savvy, yet will compromise. Here are just six of the reasons why Hogan should one day run for President.

He effectively formed a redistricting committee in one of the most gerrymandered states in the country.
According to the Washington Post, Maryland is tied for the most gerrymandered state in America. However, this is all changing. Gov. Hogan assigned a bipartisan board to redistrict the most gerrymandered districts in Maryland. Maryland’s Redistricting Reform Committee is filled with many respectable leaders, such as State Senator Steve Waugh. The report from the committee is to be reported back to Hogan no later than November 3, 2015.

He cut pointless taxes.
Former Governor Martin O’Malley placed a burden of crazy taxes on Maryland. One of these was the rain tax. Yes, he literally taxed our rain. Gov. Hogan realized that there were terribly stupid taxes, and he repealed them. Finally, Marylanders won’t be taxed by the size of their roofs and the amount of rain that falls on them.

He cut toll prices.
There are many tolls in Maryland. The tolls had not been cut in 50 years. Thanks to Gov. Hogan, there have been many tolls that have been rolled back. According to the Washington Post, one of these toll prices dropped was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which dropped $2. “Our concern is about the money taken out of the pockets of taxpayers,” Hogan said. “It’s what we ran on. It’s what we promised to do. We’re delivering on what we said we would.”

Gov. Hogan cut fees – by a lot.
One way to help the middle class is by cutting pointless fees – which is exactly what Gov. Hogan did. In fact, according to the Governor’s official website, “The Hogan administration will reduce fees paid by Maryland taxpayers by approximately $10.2 million per year, or approximately $51 million over the next five years.”

Gov. Hogan is changing Baltimore for the better.
Not only did Governor Hogan shut down the Baltimore City Detention Center, which is infamous for being taken over by a guerilla gang, but he is also investing in the city. After plans for a red line (metro) into Baltimore fell through, Hogan decided to spend $135 million on a plan to improve the bus system in Baltimore, according to the Baltimore Sun. Gov. Hogan wrote an article in the Baltimore Sun in September that his team was prepared to “take action where the state can make a difference over the long-term.” So far, in just a small period of time, he’s followed through with his words.

He is extremely humble person with a wonderful work ethic.
Back in June, only months after taking office, Gov. Hogan announced that he was battling stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Just recently Gov. Hogan completed his treatments. Throughout this time, not only did he get everything that is listed done and more, but he also made sure that people prayed not just for him – but for everyone fighting it. So many times when Hogan saw mass amounts of people gather to pray at Hogan Strong rallies, Hogan deflected from himself and pointed towards others.

Almost every time Gov. Hogan received treatment, I saw him not talking about himself, but taking pictures of other patients and talking with them. This shows a strong sense of humility (which is also one of my favorite qualities of Ronald Reagan). But it is also astonishing to point out that not only did he battle stage three cancer, but he did it with grace and with a smile, whilst accomplishing a ton of things as a red Governor of a blue state with a load of humility.

These are just some of the reasons why Gov. Hogan should one day be our president. While he has not even completed his first year as governor, I see a sunbeam of hope for my home state, and many more positive things to come from this administration.