5 Times Lena Dunham Made Me Want to Vomit

In honor of Lena Dunham being disturbing once again by dressing up as a Planned Parenthood baby killer for Halloween, I’ve decided to make a list of the top five times that Lena Dunham made me want to vomit.
1. Dressing up as an abortionists.

Should abortionists be recognized as one of the most terrifying and murderous jobs? Yes. But, Lena Dunham is not dressing up as them to be scary, she’s making light of a dark situation. She thinks that dressing up as a child murderer is “sexy”. *Cue vomit* Not only does she support an organization that lies to the women it pretends to protect, but she is mocking the people who take seriously the depravity of the abortion industry. It’s just sickening.

2. Vote with your lady parts.

Lena Dunham once encouraged people to vote like their lady parts depend on it. She told me to vote with my lady parts. I’m sorry, but that is terribly offensive to assume that my only reason to vote for someone is not because I’m an informed voter, but because I’m a woman. That’s not only sexist, but one of the stupidest things I have ever been told. I’m not going to vote for a man just because he’s a man, so why would I vote for a woman on the premise that she is a woman?

3. Her derogatory article comparing a Jewish man to an animal.

This was terribly sickening. Dunham made a quiz that compared a Jewish man to a dog. Just typing that is disgusting. If she is so for equality and tolerance, why not be loving and tolerant to people of different faiths? Ugh. The hypocrisy.

4. She brushed off the fact that she molested her sister.

In her book, Not that Kind of Girl, Dunham admitted to molesting her sister. She did not say that it was an awful act or that she was regretful. She said that everyone does it. She let the liberal media brush it off too. I’m sorry Lena, but no, everyday people do not molest their siblings.

5. When she falsely depicted an innocent man as a rapist.

Lena made an elaborate story about a man named Barry who was a Republican at Oberlin being a rapist. There was a Republican named Barry at Oberlin when Lena was there. However, the event proved to be false, and now the real life Barry is having his life flipped upside down. A police investigation was opened after the book was released and it found that there were many reasons why this did not occur, especially not like Lena described in her book. To falsely accuse someone of doing something so awful, and then get away with molesting your own sister is despicable.
Dear Lena,

If you are reading this, I want to tell you something. While you make me want to literally vomit when I see you do things so vulgar and so disgusting to other human beings, and even to yourself, you can change. You see, there’s a God who forgives despite the magnitude of the awful things you do. He forgave me and he will forgive you. You just have to ask Him and live for Him. It will change your life for the better.


2 thoughts on “5 Times Lena Dunham Made Me Want to Vomit

  1. I don’t care what she dresses as at Halloween. She just always makes me want to vomit, period. Not sure what it is about her (I have seen little of girls and am not a fan, I have readsome of what she writes and think it is shock-inducing for self-promotional purposes, I have read parts of articles about her here and there but have been uninterested…) but EVERY TIME I see her I think she is simply revolting and vomit-inducing.


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