7 Candidates Who Should Call it Quits

Lindsey Graham

As much as I would like to see Graham and Trump on the same stage, if you’ve been at the kids’ table debate for three debates in a row, you might want to consider dropping out.

Bobby Jindal

While I love Jindal, and he seems to be a wonderful human being, I’m going to apply the same rule as I did with Graham. It’s time to leave the race.

George Pataki

While he hasn’t made it up to the big kids’ table either, every time I see him I question why he is even running. Lack of name recognition aside, this man is a pro-abortion candidate running on an attempt of a Republican platform. He should have dropped out after the first debate.

Jim Gilmore

Jim. He also seems like a very kind individual. He is just not getting his name or message out. He hasn’t been able to poll high enough to even make it into the last two kids’ table debates. You seem like a wonderful person, but somehow, people need to hear who you are, and they haven’t yet.

Rick Santorum

Again, I love this candidate. He seems like a very decent man and a very strong Christian. I think he would do an admirable job. However, he has also has only been polling high enough to be in the kids’ table round.


Rand Paul

Rand, voted first in the CPAC poll for three years in a row, has faded. I’m not saying that there is no possible way for him to ever get back up in the polls, but it seems unlikely. If he continues down the path of lower and lower polling, once he runs out of money, he’ll probably have to pull back. At least he still has his Senate run to fall back on.

Donald Trump

Thankfully for the sake of America, his lead is narrowing and candidates like Dr. Carson are starting to beat him. Donald Trump needs to go, because he is an egotistical man who denies his own faults and uses God as a prop. Not to mention the fact that he has no solid plans, except to make Mexico build a wall with a big shiny door. Also, with a man who is so quick to anger, would you really want him to have the nuclear codes?

I can picture it now:

Vladimir Putin tells Trump, “You have awful hair.”

Trump responds, “Well, at least I have a full head of hair.”

Vlad comments back, “You wear a toupee. Toupees aren’t real hair.”

Trump: “I declare war.”

And boom. World War III begins.