Liberty University to Host GOP Debate with Conservative Media as Moderators

Liberty University, the largest Evangelical university in the world, is in talks with the RNC to host a GOP debate. The debate would occur in January and feature conservative media personalities as moderators. Hillsdale College is reportedly also in the running to host the debate, but the local paper claims that LU is the current frontrunner for the gig.

“We’ve been extremely impressed with the facilities at Liberty and their willingness to put on a top-notch professional production,” said Republican National Committee Chief Strategist Sean Spicer. “As of this moment right now, I feel very good about where we stand with Liberty.”

Several presidential candidates have spoken at LU this year, including Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, and Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz launched his campaign at the conservative university, and Ben Carson is scheduled to speak November 11.

Fallout after the disastrous CNBC debate has put the RNC in the hot seat for turning the Republican debates over to news networks that lean left. Representatives from several presidential campaigns had a meeting last week to huddle over what can be done about the format of the current debate structure.

When the RNC issued its list of debates earlier in the year, “Conservative Media Debate” was listed as “TBD” without any further details. It’s not clear if any conservative figures have been contacted, but Glenn Beck has offered to host the debate on his network The Blaze.


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