Confirmed: Dan Bongino is Considering a Run for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat

Red Millennial has learned through a credible source that conservative activist and retired Secret Service agent Dan Bongino is actively considering a bid for the US Senate in Florida. The seat is being vacated by Sen. Marco Rubio, who is a presidential candidate and will not run for reelection.

“This race needs a shakeup,” Bongino wrote on his Facebook page. “We cannot lose this seat.”

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater has repeatedly ruled out a bid of his own, leaving the race with no clear frontrunner. Recent polling shows the most popular Republican accrues just nine percent of the vote, stoking fears of a weak field.

According to our source, Bongino will make a decision by the new year. Recent electoral trends indicate that political outsiders have momentum going into 2016, and Bongino certainly fits that mold.

Dan Bongino was the 2012 Republican nominee for Senate in Maryland when he was defeated by Sen. Ben Cardin, and he nearly shocked the political world in 2014 after narrowly losing a Congressional race in a district that had been gerrymandered by Maryland’s legislature to benefit the Democrat.

After Maryland’s outgoing Senator Barbara Mikulski announced her upcoming retirement, many expected Bongino to challenge for her seat. However, Bongino moved his family to Florida due to personal reasons. Bongino had previously ruled out a 2016 venture into electoral politics, but there are concerns that Floridians could be underwhelmed by the current slate of candidates leaving an opening for the Democratic nominee.

Bongino, who was a top Secret Service agent under Presidents Bush and Obama, has cultivated a national fanbase as a conservative activist and commentator. He is a frequent guest on cable news programs and often is guest host for the Mark Levin Show and the Sean Hannity Show. Bongino also hosts his own daily podcast called “The Renegade Republican” with Conservative Review where he is a contributing editor. His new book The Fight is set for release in January.


2 thoughts on “Confirmed: Dan Bongino is Considering a Run for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat

  1. Danny B., I am encouraged by the possibility that you will run for the U.S. Senate in the State of Florida. I lived in Fort Lauderdale for a while in the ’70’s and ’80’s, and I saw the damage being done there by out of control Government, and I have no doubt that you will get a good response from the voters there, who KNOW they need INTELLIGENT AND COMMITTED Conservative Leadership. Whatever your plans, thanks for you CONTINUING service to the People Of The United States Of America. We are a People DESPERATE FOR THE TRUTH. As a Vietnam Era Navy Veteran, I DEMAND the truth from our Government.


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