President Obama Claimed ISIS is “Contained” Mere Hours Before Paris Attack

Yesterday, 128 innocent lives were taken when a terrorist attack shook the heart of Paris, France. Almost immediately, ISIS proudly claimed responsibility. Among the dead is Nohemi Gonzalez, a “generous and talented” 23-year-old California State University design student who was studying abroad.

This attack comes just weeks after a Russian plane carrying 224 people was blown out of the sky reportedly by an Egyptian based ISIS affiliate. It’s clearly evident that the group, which President Obama has previously referred to as a “JV team,” is not “contained” as the President confidently boasted  on Good Morning America just hours before the attack on Friday.

Back in June, President Obama admitted at the G7 summit in Germany that “the United States doesn’t have ‘a complete strategy’ to combat the growing threat posed by Islamic State fighters in Iraq.” With no plan to counter the grave threat that ISIS poses on society, the terrorist organization has simply grown and the number of attacks has increased.

How many more attacks will occur until we have a definite plan to defeat ISIS? How many more innocent lives will be taken at the hand of these purely evil people?




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