The Most Offended Generation

Across the nation on college campuses there is a push for constrained speech and political correctness because, surprisingly enough, there are people being offended. Trying to rid the world of “offensive” things is, of course, asinine; it’s impossible. People will look for anything to be offended by, much like a lawyer will look for anything to sue for. My general existence as a straight, white male offends a solid portion of this movement.

A message to all of these college students: No one cares about you or your feelings. Is that harsh? Maybe. Is that true?Absolutely.

These are students who often times claim to promote diversity, yet disapprove of any diversity in thought. They want college to be a place of conformity, instead of a place of debate. These students want to be coddled and have a sanitized version of the world instead of living in reality. The problem with this is idealistic mentality is it doesn’t address real issues, as it forces people to ignore real issues that make people uncomfortable. But to quote Rocky Balboa: “the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows”.

It doesn’t fit into their narrative ISIS is Islamic. It doesn’t fit into their narrative that police help black communities much more than they harm them. It doesn’t fit into their narrative that more men are raped in the United States than women.

Naturally, by pointing out these facts, I’m sure I am some kind of “ist”. In reality, the only “ist” that I am is a realist, because I am actually looking at these facts.

Instead of winning a debate, these entitled college students want to simply avoid having a debate in the first place by shutting the other side down. The United States was created to be one big “free speech zone” and it should remain that way. When debate starts to shut down in America, America itself will falter.

The beauty of the First Amendment is it protects (mostly) all speech, not only that which we agree with. In America, you have the right to fight for political and social change, but you must remember: so does everyone else.



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