The Obama/UN Connection with the Arab League to Erode Israeli Claims to West Bank, Sovereignty

In the wake of the raging Intifada, Israel has lost her right to exist — and its old enemy, Jordan, is the clear benefactor of both the Jewish state’s political incompetence and international support. A very close second place should be awarded to the Palestinian Authority. Lastly, the Obama administration and his puppet Gen. Sec. Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations now control the destiny of the Jewish state. How long it will last as a geopolitical reality is now seemingly at their discretion.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just committed the cardinal sin that any center right-wing world leader can ill-afford if he is to survive politically: the stench of appeasement. With such politicians not prone to supporting hard-line socialism such as Israel’s Zionist founder David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir, a solid free market economic infrastructure coupled with a strong national defense strategy to accompany the foreign policy is a must. Netanyahu has abandoned all his principles and conviction by begging the international community in order to preserve his power.

Israeli national medium Arutz Sheva reported Jordan’s King Abdullah II announced his intention to personally monitor the camera footage Israel controversially agreed to have placed on the Temple Mount. That the footage per the terms of the agreement will not be broadcast to Israel — except for segments Amman (Jordan’s capital) decides can be viewed by the world is in itself, not less than political suicide.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Left); U.S. President Barack Obama (Right)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Left); U.S. President Barack Obama (Right)

Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to these provisions for the Jordanian Waqf to place as it wishes the cameras on the Mount — the holiest site in Judaism, as a token “gesture” allegedly to reduce tensions during the perpetuating Intifada. The Waqf remains in de facto control of the Mount, banning all Jewish prayer despite Israeli law stipulating freedom of worship. In Netanyahu’s foolish choice to surrender to his neighbor to the east, those cameras will serve as the tool to enforce the ban. Therefore, there will be no evident provisions for the transparent international inspection ensuring that Abdullah does not order them heavily redacted, doctored or simply destroyed.

In response to King Abdullah’s announcement of his new policy which provides international diplomatic recognition for the de facto occupation of the vicinity, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) called on Netanyahu to cancel cooperation with Amman’s camera initiative, even as Ariel’s own party leader, Naftali Bennett, supports placing them atop the Mount in doubling down his support to ban all Jewish prayer at the Mount.

“Giving the possibility to the Kingdom of Jordan, a foreign sovereign state, to run security cameras in the Temple Mount, without any cooperation with the Israel Police, means one thing: an additional significant concession on the degree of sovereignty of the state of Israel on the Temple Mount.”

— Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home)

But Israel no longer has control of its own territory, its sovereignty, much less a functioning government as it is now fatally weakened and impotent in the face of antisemitic international scrutiny. Thus Ariel’s demand to cancel this arrangement until a broad consensus is reached contingent on cameras to be placed at all corners of the Mount, including the mosques, and Israel being guaranteed full film access to Amman’s surveillance footage will fall on deaf ears, and still more dead Israeli citizens. In vain, Ariel wrote to Bibi that “Not installing cameras in the Al-Aqsa Mosque means immunity… for the rock hoarders and throwers from inside the Mosque. For the firecracker shooters, and all the inciters.”

Sadly, in one swift, broad-reaching stroke, the Headquarters for Temple Organizations reinforced to Ariel its support for Amman’s declaration “the cameras will be brought from Jordan,” and “cameras won’t be installed inside the mosques.” 

And just like that, Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu has for all intents and purposes, surrendered its people’s democratic sovereignty to diplomatic jihad. Through this, they capitulate to the full terms and mercies of the Arab League, the UN and Obama administration’s demands they relinquish all claims and access to the Temple Mount. The Obama Doctrine, which made very clear early in his presidency his intention to force Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders, will inevitably be realized due to Netanyahu’s political impotence and administrative incompetence.

Worst of all, all this has happened in the wake of the Iran Nuclear Deal being illegally agreed upon by the Obama administration with Tehran; and now, the Paris attacks and the war will soon expand into the Middle East, beyond merely Russia and France.

Yet the worst fate lies in the certainty this will provide an easy avenue for the Islamic State to march on Jerusalem as it has Iraq and Syria and much of North Africa. According to Germany’s Spiegel from March 10, 2013, Jordan’s role appropriating ample acreage for U.S. and NATO training facilities just one month prior to the merger of the Islamic State of Iraq with the Nusra Front “to build around a dozen units totaling some 10,000 fighters” to “prevent Salafists (radical Islamists) crossing from their own country into Syria and then returning later to stir up trouble in Jordan itself” guarantees the danger of Israel becoming absorbed through both jihad and foreign diplomacy in the aftermath of the Islamic State’s expanding caliphate.

Bibi will be to blame for Israel as a geopolitical reality ceasing to exist should radical measures by opposition MK’s to the Likud not be immediately taken.



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