The Indescribable Stupidity of Donald Trump

Mere words cannot describe the idiocy and incompetence of Donald Trump and the attempted ideas that try to escape his mouth. Donald Trump does not represent the Republican party, he does not represent America, and he surely does not represent me. He has used propaganda techniques to increase his poll numbers and has instilled fear in some voters–fear that if they do not vote for Trump, then there will be no point in voting because of how well he is doing in the polls.

I literally do not understand how anyone could fully support Trump. However, this is a country filled with freedom, so you are allowed to support whoever you want. But, do you really want an egotistical maniac, who has no actual plans, to be the leader of the free world just because he speaks his mind? If we go by those standards, then we should just elect Miley Cyrus for president.

No, the leader of the free world–the person who will come to represent not solely Republicans or Democrats, but represent each individual American citizen, despite their religion, despite their country of origin–that leader must unite the country through strength and competence. A person like Trump only becomes a leader because he instills an unhealthy amount of fear that outweighs the idea of calmness, and claims that he is the only one who can fix the fear that he has described.

I could cite a plethora of examples of how Trump has been racist, sexist, etc., but you’ve probably read enough about him to have seen this. I would instead like to mention how similar he is to the person he has tried to contrast from. Many have mentioned time and time again that President Obama has caused problems, specifically with racial tensions, by using rhetoric that divides the nation, rhetoric that recreates a barrier that had already been torn down. While Trump has fired a plethora of shots at Obama and his administration, Trump has used the same divisive rhetoric on a myriad of issues, making him just like Obama in this sense.

Furthermore, Trump is incompetent. Quoting statistics and giving broad, and at many times unrealistic plans, is not the way that things get accomplished. A country cannot become greater by banning an entire religion. A country cannot prosper by forcibly kicking people out it–out of a country that they have contributed to–one that has been their home for years. There are real problems that we need to face, but we also need real solutions, not the “This is bad, my polls are great, everyone knows I’m great, and frankly, everyone knows that I can do it” failed attempt of an explanation of a plan.

Everyone who is watching this election cycle, please know that Trump does not represent American values, nor does he represent Republican values. The only people that Trump represents are the people who are willing to vote for him.

A true leader does not divide people into a sea of uncertainty for the sake of finding a solution and being hailed king. A true leader sees the problems, works with others to find solutions, executes those solutions, and solves problems for the good of the nation – not for the good of himself.


One thought on “The Indescribable Stupidity of Donald Trump

  1. Not a single caucus goer or primary voter has weighed in yet. I think he will evaporate rather quickly when he starts losing and no longer can generate the free advertisement the MSM and 24hr news shows give him. He’s not a republican, he’s a reality TV show host and a trust fund brat.

    I also don’t much care that once again the press is deciding who gets to play, thankfully there are a few real candidates left in the field who should rise once the actual voting starts.


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