Texas Governor Gives ‘Most Important Political Speech of Our Generation’

On Friday the Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gave an impassioned speech on the need for states to call an Article V Convention of States, and it’s already sending shockwaves through political circles and energizing the grassroots nationwide.

Abbott’s appeal to the Texas policymakers was met with an immediate and prolonged standing ovation. In a Facebook post Michael Farris, the co-founder of the Convention of States Project, posted a link to the Governor’s speech.

“Governor Abbott gave what I believe will be remembered as the most important political speech of our generation,” Farris wrote.

Abbott, who has long derided President Obama’s use of the executive order, put out a document that includes nine proposed constitutional amendments which would restore power to the states and to the people.

“We are gratified that Governor Abbott has responded to the grassroots movement in Texas and is endorsing our call for a Convention of States,” said Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self-Governance and co-founder of the Convention of States Project. “Like the grassroots, Governor Abbott understands that we must use the constitution to save the constitution. The tens of thousands of Convention of States volunteers in Texas thank him for his leadership.  We look forward to seeing many more governors follow in his footsteps.”

In 2015 the Texas House passed the Convention of States Project resolution, but it stalled in the Senate. The Texas legislature is not set to meet again until 2017, but Governor Abbott has the authority to call a special session if he wants to pass it this year.

Abbott’s endorsement comes about a week after Sen. Marco Rubio announced his own support for the project, which has amassed about one million supporters. Other endorsers include Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Tom Coburn, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.


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