Obama’s State Of The Union

State of The Union Address or Out of Touch President Confirmation

Last night Barack Obama confirmed he is out of touch not just with Republicans but  Americans in general. Instead of a realistic and honest assessment of his policies and his administration he downplayed the threats America faces and sought to condemn conservative voters and the front runners in the Republican party.

Overall it was a bland speech low on specifics and instead focused on lofty rhetoric as we have come to expect from this president. He mentioned “fixing a broken immigration system” early on but by this did he mean continuing illegal executive amnesty and using the power of the presidency to intimidate states from enforcing immigration law as he has done? He has had seven years to really fix the immigration system and secure our borders but instead has opted for amnesty.

Later in the speech he sounded like he was giving a history lesson more then a state of the Union address. Saying “America has been through big changes before-wars and depression the influx of immigrants,workers fighting for a fair deal, and movements to expand civil rights.” This point sounded condescending as if he thinks of Americans as racist and afraid of any changes in history.

A great example of his out of touch approach to the presidency was when Obama pontificated that “I told you earlier that all the talk of America’s economic decline is political hot air. Well, so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker.” Never mind the fact that to the many Americans in poverty and those keeping up with the stock market would greatly disagree with this attitude that we are somehow going through a tremendous economic recovery the notion that Obama’s foreign policy is a sound one is hogwash. As President Obama was speaking 10 US soldiers were being held by The Islamic State of Iran one of the worlds largest sponsors of terrorism. Obama as part of the deal touted as a success in this speech will be enabling and emboldening the Ayatolah in Iran by showing weakness not resolve. He later said regarding ISIS the terrorist group who inspired the Islamic terrorist in San Bernandino to commit a brutal act of terror “We just need to call them what they are killers and fanatics.” He is playing down the threat making them sound like criminals with no ideological motivation despite their own name which is called The Islamic State and their will to spread Sharia. Yet again he is showing his aloofness to the wishes of the American people. We The People want to hear the truth that they say they are acting in the name of Islam. As Ted Cruz frequently says” in order to defeat radical Islamic terrorism we have to call it Radical Islamic terrorism”. Not only won’t Obama do that he undermines those who do.

His undermining of the ideological nature of this war is evident when he latter on referred to closing Guantanamo Bay despite the fact that among those who have been released in the past from that prison have gone back into jihad. He also seemed to imply that anti Muslim hate is just so common in America despite the fact that according to hate crimes statistics anti Muslim hate crimes are relatively low compared to hate crimes against other groups. His continuing to lecture Americans about Muslims seems yet again like he is apologizing for this country to the Muslim world while not publicly condemning Islamic nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia who have atrocious human rights records. Where is the public calls to end the Anti American hate in Iran like when the burn the US flag?

Indeed this speech like so many of his previous ones was short on specifics and long on apologies for American exceptionalism. To brag about an Iran deal while US soldiers were being held captive was the epitome of being out of touch. Giving himself a credit for Obamacare when from its rollout it has been far from a success shows just how much this president is intrenched in the  Washington elite mentality. We can only hope the next president addressing this great nation for the State of the Union will be from the party of Reagan not the party of Occupy Wall Street and Jesse Jackson.



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