Stop Applauding Government Overreach

A promise to push legislation that will fund two years of community college for “responsible students” does not deserve applause.

Obama’s final State of the Union address was as cringe-worthy as expected. Maybe Mr. Obama hasn’t  considered that no amount of money in the world will fix our education system nor will it instill the drive necessary for students to succeed in life. Aside from the federal government overreaching its authority by involving itself in our education system, let’s analyze his two years of community college idea.

In my opinion, if more people attending to community college would mean more qualified people for jobs that aren’t hiring. At the same time, students with some college under their belt will be less likely to fill the jobs that pay less because they will feel as though they are owed a higher paying job.

College is suppose to be for those who have earned their education through hard work. If a two year college degree is handed out for free, then the market will be flooded with equally educated and still under-qualified people entering the workforce.

We need to solve the problem rather than only treating the symptoms. The problem is federal overreach. The solution is Article V of the Constitution. For more information please visit:



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