The GOP Needs To Rethink …

Ford O’Connell is a Millennial GOP strategist who has concluded that the GOP must embrace the gays by saying, “We have to embrace the LGBTs. We have to embrace this counterculture and let them know we love them.”   I am sorry to burst his stereotypical Millennial bubble but, love has no place in politics.  I suppose next we will hear O’Connell suggest that we must embrace Socialism.  I mean.  If we want to win. (Sarcasm)
Here is the exact quote:
… we have to embrace the gays. We have to embrace the LGBTs. We have to embrace this counterculture and let them know we love them. – Ford O’Connell
I am embarrassed to be a Millennial!  The issue goes far beyond Love.  The issue is insisting that we allow emotions to rule over rational thought.  The issue is that we do not focus on substance.  The issue is that people like O’Connell insist on using their position to try and force their opinion on others.  What the GOP should do is inform the American people that their sexual preference is not a federal issue and therefore should not difference in a presidential election.
If we want to talk about updating the GOP, then maybe a good place to start is looking at real issues that will actually affect all Americans.  Lets leave the divisive campaign strategies behind and start talking about things that do NOT play into the let’s create a victim game.
Maybe the GOP can try looking at their base and really make an effort to understand who it is that that are suppose to be representing.  CONSERVATIVES!  Modern day conservatives care about the economy.  The Constitution. Our borders.  Fighting terrorism. You know…real issues.  If sexual preference and transgender struggles are what matters to Mr. O’Connell, then maybe he is on the wrong side of the aisle.
As an American, I don’t care what people do in their personal lives.  I prefer spreading truth.  I don’t care what the president thinks about gay Americans.  Why?  Because our federal government has no business being intertwined in our personal lives.
The message that ought to be conveyed is the message of federalism.  If you do not want to be told who to love;  If you don’t want to be told how to breathe, eat and sleep;  Start by  looking within yourself rather than Washington D.C..


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