5 Reasons Why Donald Trump is My Con-Artist Uncle

  1. He uses the false fear method.

By over-exaggerating details of a situation or flat-out lying in order to add hype to a situation, Trump has conned people into believing that the world is failing miserably. Is there a lot wrong with the world? Of course. But, are all Mexicans rapists, all Syrian refugees ISIS, and your next door neighbor the head of Al Qaeda? No. By instilling a false fear, Trump has also been able to find a cure to his lies: himself. And the people who he has conned into believing the intensity of some of the fears Trump made up, also believe he is the only one to fix them.

  1. His business plan is based on abusing the system.

He may have written the Art of the Deal, but Trump’s art is not business savviness, it is the art of conning. Trump once told Forbes Magazine this: “I’ve used the laws of the country to my advantage.” When asked in the first debate about this, he rationalized using the system by saying others do it too. If Trump admitted to abusing the system to get ahead in his business endeavors, what’s to say he won’t abuse our government if he’s president? He touts that Washington is a corrupt political system, and with his record, he will fit right in. He won’t make America great again, he will find loopholes to improve his own well-being while leaving the rest to suffer.

  1. He flip-flops his views on people depending on what they do (or don’t do) for him.

People change their opinions on other people, that’s normal. But, changing your opinion on someone because they don’t always agree with you, or because they are better friends with someone else is just childish. The moment Glenn Beck decided that he would rather support Cruz than Trump, Trump went after Beck. I’d like to compare Trump to a third grader, but that would be insulting to third graders. Trump is so easily influenced by others’ opinions that he has switched not just his views on people on a daily basis, but has also flip-flopped on the issues. In fact, according to the Washington Times, Trump has switched parties at least 5 times since the 1980’s.

  1. He manipulates through false sincerity.

It might seem like Trump is fighting for you. He’s coming to your home town, he’s talking about the working class, and you might see his successes in business as part of a positive economic track record. However, when Trump talks about you, does he usually say something along the lines of “I love the people, I love them so much that I want to do something for them,” or something more like, “The people love me, they love me so much I’m polling first everywhere.” From what I heard, most of his statements are the latter choice — self-centered with a glimmer of statement about the people. Yet, even when he references the people, it’s still about him. It can be hard to decipher whether a politician actually cares about you, or is using you as a prop. But, when you look at Trump’s rhetoric, it seems like he is using the people as a propaganda technique called bandwagon. If everyone thinks that everyone else likes him, then they might feel obligated to like him. Spoiler alert: Trump might actually not care about you. We all know he is just a tad bit egotistical, probably to the point of being narcissistic. And usually narcissistic people don’t actually care about other people.

  1. To avoid overt lying, he uses broad statements to cover his tracks.

One tell of a con-man is that they get by with a kernel of truth by using the broadest statements possible. When Trump is asked how he will fix a problem, he usually responds by verifying that that problem indeed exists instead of saying how we will fix it. I’ve gone through an entire debate transcript and could not find Trump actually giving a plan. I have barely found that Trump has even fully answered any of the questions he was asked. And, when he does answer, he gives broad plans that may sound good, but are terribly unrealistic, such as, ‘I will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.’ A con-artist persuades you that they know how to solve a problem, but that you don’t need to know the specifics. Then, when it comes down to it, instead of finding a solution, they place the blame on someone else and make the scapegoat solve the problem.

While many people have been conned into supporting Trump, Trump’s kingdom can fall. Eventually, when con-artists give such grandiose manipulative lies, the truth is buried so deep that not even the con-artist himself can tell his truths from his lies. Unfortunately for America, the people who truly see Trump as an honest conservative may also be lost under Trump’s blizzard of manipulation. So, while his kingdom can fall, it will take something greater than Trump and his trail of con-artist tactics to defeat him. It will take a candidate and a people who will defeat not with fear, but with honesty, integrity, knowledge, and a willingness to fight for America, not against it.



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