Washington D.C.: Addicted to Control

There are many theories that have been forced down our throats in an attempt to explain  away the “problems” that we face as a nation. There is only one real problem. What we see are symptoms of the problem.  The problem has been and always will be an overreaching federal government.  Lets take a small peek into history to understand this problem.

The puritans for example left England not as Separatists from the church, but rather as separatists from its corruptions,

“to practice the positive part of church reformation, and propagate the gospel in America.” – Cotton Mather

Colonists came to the New World because they did not like being told how to worship God.  They did not like being controlled.  They wanted to raise their families and live out their lives according to their own moral and spiritual beliefs.

  • America is not a theocracy but, make no mistake, this nation was founded on Christian principles.
  • We have freedom of religion NOT freedom from religion.  To remove Christian principles from our foundation will cause the entire system dissolve.

During late 1600s and early 1700s,  it was still common practice that a king and the church worked together to rule over the kings Subjects.  Corruption was rampant and the colonists wanted to be free from the oppressive shackles that were imposed upon them.   Hence why separation of church and state is so important.

  • Note: This is also the reason that Sharia Law is in direct conflict with the united states constitution.

I personally despise being told what to do unless I am learning or being directed by choice.  People must learn to accept themselves and not give a damn what anyone else thinks.  People must learn to identify fact VS. fiction.  Americans must be taught that there are only two things holding them back from success:  Themselves and too much government.

In the event that one person is hindering another from succeeding, in a malicious way, well that is where the law plays a role. For any younger folks reading, this type of hindrance is called hating.

American’s have got to realize that we can live life on our own terms if and only if the government leaves us alone.  When people seek out the government to  rule on an issue, unintended consequences are suffered by all.  Rulers (government) will always rise to the occasion of creating more control and regulation.  There seems to be an addiction in Washington D.C. to regulating those who are “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.

When regulations make starting  small business difficult for entrepreneurs, then the federal government has done more harm than good.  By harm I mean: created a problem for many, to appease a few.

What I am driving at here is that until the states regain control of the monster that the states created, the federal government will continue to destroy our nation.  The solution is Article V of the Constitution.


One thought on “Washington D.C.: Addicted to Control

  1. I think your readers would enjoy a short treatise on Article 5,and how in some cases it is the last stand for a free nation. Many people are ignorant on this very important safeguard inserted to protect the States from Governnmental overreach. Thank you.


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