We The People

The American people have spoken. The people want accountability in Washington. This is why Donald Trump draws such massive crowds, why Ted Cruz is doing well in the polls and Rubio is a major contender. It may be cliché but it has been said this is not a typical election cycle. The people want to take America back and restore its ideals for The American citizen.

The consultant class and what Senator Cruz calls the “Washington Cartel” are shocked to see outsider non establishment candidates doing so well. The everyday Americans are rejecting the establishment they want a drastic reversal of the leftist Obama policies.

Could it be that Americans are tired of trade deals that don’t benefit America, of jobs being outsourced instead of being brought back to the heartland and of immigration policies that don’t benefit the American economy? After San Bernardino and Paris as well as the recent arrests of Iraqi refugees plotting to support Islamic terrorism is it not time to halt the flow of Islamic refugees?

While some would try to paint this rejection of the establishment as somehow racist that is not an accurate or fair description of wanting to preserve America’s borders and sovereignty and keeping America safe from terror. America is a nation and the American people are tired of extreme political correctness it’s what Ronald Reagan had called “a time for choosing”. Does America go down the path Europe has sadly taken of open borders, relinquishing sovereignty and Islamization or does America return to secure borders,free markets and a moral compass. Do we continue to elect people who negotiate troublesome deals like the Iran deal? This is really what the tea party is about, it’s what the rise of non establishment candidates on both sides of the aisle is about and what the people are asking for. Lets hope that the message of Taxed Enough Already, sovereignty and American safety is heard in the halls of Washington,DC.


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