If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. – George Washington

Last year Oxford University Publishing banned the words: pork; pigs; and sausage, from all children’s books. http://www.newsmax.com/Emerson/Oxford-Ban-Pork-Books/2015/01/15/id/618753/

The origin of most politically incorrect topics baffle the rational mind.  Saying the word “pork” for example is supposedly offensive to  Muslims and Jews.  What is wrong with society?  That is like me trying to convince people that saying the words “unpasteurized milk” is offensive to Americans.

Just because a law prohibits a food product (from human consumption) doesn’t mean that the name of the food product is offensive.  Pork was prohibited because of health and wellness concerns.  Centuries ago, there was not an offcial FDA seal of approval.  Pork was filthy so the idea that you are what you eat was behind the decision to ban pork from the diet.  Regulations and proper food handling in America renders the archaic pork law irrelevant.

So why do people play these childish games?  Games that only serve to perpetuate thin skinned reactionary behavior?  IGNORANCE!

This is America!  We have a separation of church and state.  Just because some cultures do not separate religion from law does not mean that our culture ought to tread lightly with our words.  Maybe those at Oxford University Publishing do not understand American culture.  If someone wants to abstain from eating one of the best tasting animals that this earth  has to offer, fine.  Unless people want to ban bacon from every plate in the country; find a hobby that doesn’t infringe our freedom speech.

Government along with people who dream up nonsense to feel relevant are responsible for censorship.  It’s time that people stand up to these morons.  I would like to live in a country where  people can enjoy laughing together at hypersensitivity.  It is good for the soul to be self-conscious from time to time.  When we have the opportunity to examine and question our own  thoughts and beliefs, we have an opportunity for personal growth.

When we question ourselves and we are open to self-improvement then we have achieved success.  When we are so self righteous that we force others to succumb to our own ideas of political correctness …we have achieved censorship.

George Washington understood then what some haven’t figured out today  (even though he told us).  When speech is limited the dumb and silent lose.

Speak loudly.  Speak often.  Speak truth.








One thought on “Censorship

  1. Under the guise of Political Correctness, a much more sinister agenda is at play. Censorship eventually leads to a totalitarian form of dictatorial government, whereby “We the people” morphs into “We your government” and freedom rings no more.


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