Hunger Games Actress Jena Malone Endorses Bernie Sanders: ‘I vote for ideologies’ not ‘genders’

In the wake of prominent feminist making outrageous claims that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other” and that young women only support Senator Bernie Sanders because they’re looking for a boyfriend, Hunger Games actress Jena Malone took to Instagram to endorse the Vermont Senator and Democratic Socialist.

“I don’t vote for personalities, genders, shirt colors, pretty speeches or last names,” the actress wrote.

Malone is simply the most recent of a long list of celebrities to endorse Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton. Malone’s Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson was seen on SnapChat campaigning with Sanders during the Iowa Caucus last week.

Known for her memorable performances as the wildly flirtatious Lydia Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Katniss Everdeen’s enemy-turned-friend Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games, the actress recently announced that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo. Malone’s post featured a picture of her growing baby bump and emphasized the impact this election will have on the life of her child.

The soon-to-be mom made it a point to say she votes based on political ideology, not gender. “#NotWithher #IDontVoteWithMyVagina #IVoteWithMyWholeMotherF&$!ingBody,” Malone wrote.

I vote for ideologies I don't vote for personalities , genders, shirt colors,pretty speeches or last names. We(👶🏼)are voting for #berniesanders because his political beliefs represent the kind of political revolution I have only been able to dream about in past elections. " If democrats recognize that Bernie Sanders is not just a slightly more left-wing fellow traveler of Clinton’s. This is not a contest to see who will lead the democrats, it’s a contest to see what kind of party the democrats are going to be in the coming decades, what ideology and what interests, causes, and issues the Democratic Party will prioritize. This makes it far more important than any other recent primary election. The last time a democratic primary was this important, it was 1976. Only this time, instead of Anybody But Carter or Anybody But Clinton, the left has Bernie Sanders–one representative candidate that it is really excited about. The chance may not come again for quite some time." Click link in my profile for a great article about the real difference between Bernie and Hillary. #notwithher #idontvotewithmyvagina #ivotewithmywholemotherf&$!ingbody #berniesanders2016

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I guess the odds aren’t in Hillary’s favor with this star.



9 thoughts on “Hunger Games Actress Jena Malone Endorses Bernie Sanders: ‘I vote for ideologies’ not ‘genders’

  1. Character Trumps Cash power
    #Bernie #Not4Sale Fights for all regardless of race, color gender because it’s the Right thing to do. We donate every time he is lied about.

  2. Sen. Sanders’ supporters should do the math on his campaign promises and then understand how they are financially unsustainable. The bipartisan Bowles-Simpson plan called for curtailing entitlement spending, not multiplying it, to safeguard America’s finances. BTW, tablet-based MOOCs are rapidly making education almost completely free anyway, so there is no need for federal guarantees of free bachelor’s degrees.

  3. I guess Sanders racist remarks about white people not knowing what it’s like to live in poverty is just a-okay with her?


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