Currently at Less Than One Percent, Jim Gilmore Looks Ahead to South Carolina

18987417104_167eaf02dd_o (1)Jim Gilmore, the former Governor of Virginia, is currently looking at a last place finish in the New Hampshire Primary. Despite the fact that the results are showing Gilmore with less than one percent of the votes, Gilmore is planning to move forward.

According to Gilmore’s Facebook page, “Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, the only veteran in the race for the presidency, will depart New Hampshire tomorrow morning and fly to Columbia, SC to continue his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.”

Gilmore’s decision to move on had little negative reaction, mainly because there was practically no reactions at all. However, the few humans that reacted had the following to say.

@gbennettpost had multiple words about Gilmore’s continuous determination.

@BennyJohnson exclaimed his excitement for Gilmore’s party – most likely the most hip party of the entire century.

But not all of the comments were 100% supportive of Gilmore. One Facebook user commented on Gilmore’s most recent press release by saying, “Will you get the nomination? To be fair I’m not so sure”.

Maybe Jim Gilmore will go on to win the nomination. Crazier things may have potentially once happened at some moment in time in the history of the universe.



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